Ground source heat pump

This compact solution allows you to yield energy from the ground. For environmentally responsible heating and DHW convenience.

This figure is convincing: you can cover up to 80 percent of your daily heat demand with the BWS-1 ground source heat pump using geothermal energy in your detached house. And that with particularly high efficiency. The BWS-1 has a COP of 4.7. which means that you will need very little electricity to operate this heat pump. The energy consumed is turned into central heating or DHW by a factor of almost five. That is an excellent energy footprint (energy efficiency class A++).

The BWS-1 is easy to install and virtually silent in operation. This appliance takes up very little space. Its footprint is less than half a square metre in your hobby or boiler room. And then there is the integral heat meter that tells you the energy output at a glance and lets you monitor your system's efficiency over the long term. Control the unit directly via the BM programming unit or conveniently via smartphone, laptop or your PC at home.

The BWS-1 can be combined with various WOLF DHW cylinders. We especially recommend using it as a compact centre combined with the CEW-1-200. Incidentally, government grants are available for the BWS-1.

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Ground Source Heat pump BWS-1

Bank on the compact solution for energy from the ground.

The WOLF BWS-1 uses geothermal energy drawn from the ground using geothermal collectors laid just under the soil cover or geothermal probes. The probes are inserted into the ground following deep drilling. The BWS-1 heat pump is available with five different heat output ratings (from 6 to 16 kW).Furthermore, it is easy to combine with various WOLF DHW cylinders.

  • Awarded the EHPA quality seal for heat pumps. This guarantees highest product quality and energy efficiency, as well as a comprehensive customer service package
  • The perfect unit no matter what your requirements: the BWS-1 is available with five different heat output ratings of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 kW
  • Can be combined with various WOLF DHW cylinders. The pump also has an ECO mode for particularly energy efficient DHW heating
  • Space saving thanks to compact dimensions: the unit takes up less than half a square metre of space
  • Very quiet operation thanks to highly sound-proofed casing
  • Always the right temperature: can be combined with the BKM cooling module to lower the room temperature via an underfloor heating system
  • Particularly energy efficient as a system when combined with a solar thermal and/or photovoltaic system. In this case, the energy required for heating the interior and hot water is generated – to a large extent free – by the sun
  • Benefit from public subsidies for heat pumps. More information can be found on our Subsidies page 
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Model / Performance
  • BWS-1-06
  • BWS-1-08
  • BWS-1-10
  • BWS-1-12
  • BWS-1-16
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Ground source heat pump BWS-1
Model type BWS-1-06BWS-1-08BWS-1-10BWS-1-12BWS-1-16


Maximum output

up to 06 kW x----
up to 08 kW -x---
up to 10 kW --x--
up to 12 kW ---x-
up to 14 kW -----
up to 16 kW ----x

Heating output A7/W35


Heating output B0/W35


Heating output W10/W35


Heating output A15/W10-55


Modulation range A2/W35 rated output


„Active cooling“

In Verbindung mit BKM ModulIn Verbindung mit BKM ModulIn Verbindung mit BKM ModulIn Verbindung mit BKM ModulIn Verbindung mit BKM Modul

Cooling capacity A35/W18




Output range A35/W18


Energy efficiency class

Efficiency COP* A7/W35 -----
Efficiency COP* A2/W35 -----
Efficiency COP* B0/W35 4,74,74,74,74,6
Efficiency COP* W10//W35 -----
Central heating A++A++A++A++A++
DHW heating -----

General info

Heat pump system

Air/ DHW -----
Air/ water -----
Brine/ water xxxxx
water/ water -----


Monoblock xxxxx
Split unit -----

Installation location

Indoor installation xxxxx
Outdoor installation -----

DHW heating

none -----
integr. water cylinder -----
ext. water cylinder xxxxx

Cooling function

Passive cooling with auxiliary module xxxxx
yes -----
no -----

Combination with

Mechanical ventilation -----

Particularly quiet

yes xxxxx
no -----

Dimensions / weight

Height (mm) 740740740740740
Width (mm) 600600600600600
Depth (mm) 650650650650650
Diameter -----
Total weight (kg) 141145149169174

With integral cylinder


DHW heating

DHW output (l/Min) -----
Cylinder size (equivalent) -----

Noise level

Noise level indoors 4142424343
Noise level outdoors -----

Power consumption

Standby (W) 5,85,85,85,85,8
Max. heating/DHW (W) 126017980230025503650

WOLF Smartset Ready


wiButler ready

Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016

*(COP = Coefficient of Performance) nach EN 14511: up to 5,1 (air 7 °C/water 35 °C) and up to 4,27 (air 2 °C/water 35 °C)

For pleasant temperatures

The BWS-1 ground source heat pump creates a pleasant indoor environment over the long term.

Sustainable and pleasant temperatures are essential when it comes to the indoor environment. Environmentally friendly ground source heat pumps from WOLF are particularly suitable if this is your aim. These units do not just heat, they cool as well. In summer, the BKM cooling module option helps you to gently cool the indoor air. As a result, your home is transformed into an oasis of wellbeing no matter what the time of year, with temperatures set to suit you, for the best quality of life.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.