Solar heating system

Soak up the sun for maximum DHW and heating convenience with minimum energy consumption.

The WOLF solar heating system® offers you a product that is perfectly designed for solar DHW heating and central heating backup. So you, too, can use solar thermal energy in combination with a WOLF heat generator (oil, gas or heat pumps) and the right cylinder system to promote your entire heating system to energy efficiency class A+. Furthermore, the use of advanced WOLF control equipment ensures intelligent and economical energy consumption. For all homeowners who value efficiency and the greatest possible energy independence.

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The perfect system for using solar energy in your home

Aided by solar thermal energy, the solar heating system® converts solar rays into heating energy, which you can use for central heating and hot water. When it comes to the heat generator, you have the choice between oil, gas, electricity or heat pumps. And in conjunction with a WOLF cylinder system, you can promote your entire heating system to energy efficiency class A+.

  • The system components (solar collector, controller, buffer cylinder, heat generator and pumps) are perfectly matched to each other
  • The controller saves as much energy as possible by switching off the heat generator (e.g. gas, oil or air source heat pump) when the sun is shining. What's more, our intelligent software recognises prolonged periods of good weather and is able to make additional energy savings
  • Manage without the additional heat generator for DHW heating for up to four months in summer
  • All components are equipped with the WOLF control system. This makes operation, installation, commissioning and service from a single source particularly straightforward
  • Use the WOLF Smartset app to control heating times, holiday mode and temperatures, or simply to keep track of your solar yield
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Soak up the sun to save energy and convert your home to the energy supply system that best suits your lifestyle.

Whether your family is large or small, the WOLF solar heating system® is perfectly in tune with your lives and adapts to suit your requirements. For example, you can choose any number of solar collectors and any size of cylinder. In summer, enjoy the great feeling that your shower has been heated by the sun, and rest easy in the knowledge that you have made a contribution towards sustainability.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.