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Everyone is talking about smart homes at the moment. A smart home enables anyone, anywhere, to access wireless building services with their smartphone. Demand is particularly high when it comes to the control and operation of heat generators and managing individual living spaces.

WOLF BM-2 – The next generation programming unit

The intuitive control system for your heating system

The WOLF BM-2 programming unit is your key to effectively managing HVAC and solar thermal systems. The convenient WOLF BM-2 programming unit can be used in all of the appliances belonging to WOLF's new series of condensing boilers, and can also be fitted in a wall mounting base as an external remote control. It can also be controlled via Apple iPhone using the "WOLF Smartset" app (WOLF ISM7i interface module required).

More information on the BM-2 programming unit

SmartHome for everyone

The ISM7i, ISM7e and ISM9 LAN/WiFi interface modules

Managing your heating system can now be really enjoyable, thanks to the fact that the WOLF interface module allows it to be linked to a LAN or WiFi network. The module connects easily to your DSL router for secure communication over the internet. Whilst the ISM7i module can be easily installed in the BWL-1S, CGB-2, CGS-2, CGW-2, CSZ-2, MGK-2 and TOB systems, the ISM7e was designed for the BM, CGB, CGG-2, CGU-2, COB, MGK, R2, R3 and R21 systems. The ISM9 interface module was developed as a WiFi-enabled module for integration into a SmartHome network.

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More information on the ISM7e interface module

More information on the ISM9 interface module

Keep tabs on your system wherever you are


With the WOLF Smartset control app, you can manage your heating system with ease from your smartphone using the ISM7i or ISM7e interface modules, no matter where you are. The Smartset app is available from the App Store and Google Play Store (only compatible with a WOLF ISM7i/ISM7e interface module and BM-2 programming unit).


What the WOLF Smartset app can offer you 

  • Simple and intuitive operation enables you to adapt the operating mode to your surroundings.
  • Tune the system to suit you by setting individual time programs for heating and hot water.
  • The "solar yield" screen tells you about your yield if you have a solar collector.
  • A display with all of the relevant temperatures and operating conditions continuously shows you the current status of your system.
  • The Smartset app keeps you updated at all times with notifications of any fault messages. These are shown on the active fault message display.
  • Manage your heating system with ease from your smartphone. The Smartset app is available for iOS & Android 

WOLF SmartHome
for individual room use

Room-by-room control with wibutler

WOLF provides you with vendor-independent SmartHome solutions to make your daily life easier. Equipped with multiple wireless standards, wibutler connects products from different manufacturers and industries. This means your entire house can be centrally managed using a single app.

Benefits to you:

  • All WOLF system areas communicate with wibutler via a single interface. The communication between all of the SmartHome components within the wibutler system enables an accurate call for precisely the amount of heat you need.
  • Using the wibutler app, you can define weekly schedules and individual scenarios, as well as adjust your heating system and all of the other devices in the wibutler system to suit your requirements.
  • You have the option of having a message generated on your smartphone when faults occur.
  • Adjust the room temperature using your smartphone or tablet. You can set the required temperature for each room individually.

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WOLF portal
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Operate your heating system with ease and comfort, no matter where you happen to be. Full access to the selected heating system is available at any time via the WOLF portal.

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