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Renewable energies in an apartment block

New build apartment house

  • General circumstances

    The spacious residential units of the new building should always offer an excellent indoor climate and pleasant temperatures.

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  • Challenges

    The investor is looking for a heating solution based on regenerative energies - for this he must observe a few conditions.

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Efficient technology for all occupants

The planned building is a new apartment block containing three to four residential units in an urban location. The premium-segment property is intended to appeal to occupants who appreciate the combination of superb comfort and modern climate-friendly technology.

Construction project with high standards

The city-centre building is also a calling card for the developer. The outer appearance and satisfaction of the new tenants or owners with their living situation affect the public reputation of the investors and so have an influence on their future commercial success. At the same time, the contractor wants to fulfil their responsibilities and create a building with the best possible ecological footprint.

Project challenges

In order to be able to use exclusively renewable heating technology, the building itself must first meet several requirements. These include good thermal insulation and air-tight construction. A south-facing roof orientation without any shading is also important and would be ideal for a potential solar heating system.


But even if the structural requirements are met, the heating technology components must be perfectly coordinated. Only then can the high investments produce the desired results.

Reasons for choosing the heating system

The developer wants a future-proof system that is environmentally responsible and not reliant on fossil fuels or other fuels. They ultimately select a hybrid solution that combines exclusively renewable energies.

A heat pump heating system draws energy from the environment. Nowadays, systems are available that can generate sufficient quantities of heating energy for apartment buildings. The solar thermal system on the roof is used as a secondary renewable heat generator and also ensures that heating and hot water requirements are adequately covered. A ventilation unit is vital to ensure that the indoor environment is fresh and healthy.

01. Progressive and climate-friendly

The appliances consume no fuel. Therefore, they do not produce any CO2 or particulate matter that is harmful to the climate. Both heating systems are of the latest technological standard, durable and future-oriented.


02. Excellent air quality

The new building requires a controlled ventilation system to produce an outstanding indoor environment. This ensures good air quality free from pollutants and with the right level of humidity.

Happy family on the couch

03. Combined power of renewable energies

Combining two renewable systems provides the occupants with free heat around the clock. The solar heating system supports the heat pump heating system with additional energy when needed.

Cost-effective in acquisition and operation

Since the hybrid heating system uses renewable energy sources and the entire building is expected to achieve an efficiency house level, the builder can take advantage of government subsidies. This reduces the investment costs. And since no fuels are required for operation, this cost block is also completely eliminated.

Product solutions for the building project

The investor’s building services planner recommends using WOLF technology due to their positive practical experience with the manufacturer’s products. The deciding factors are the advanced technology of the intelligent systems, the quality, appearance, relatively low space requirements and, last but not least, the five-year guarantee.



The WOLF ProjectCube combines two monoblock outdoor units in a single compact unit. The total output of 20 kW is sufficient to reliably heat all rooms in the apartment block.

This system is famous for its excellent efficiency values, which means the operating costs are far lower than those of comparable solutions.

WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-F-Excellent

CWL-F-Excellent ventilation unit

This slim WOLF model can be integrated unobtrusively into a living space. Every apartment is fitted with a separate unit.

In this way, the various occupants can control their air quality separately and as needed.

WOLF combi storage tank

BSP-W-SL stratification cylinder

The BSP-W-SL is a combination storage cylinder that is ideal for use with the proposed renewable hybrid heating system.

It stores hot water and heating water and provides it on demand.

Checklist for the building project

The investor must keep an eye on the following important points:

The building must have very good thermal insulation and be air-tight.

To be eligible for subsidy, the building must meet the KfW energy-efficient house standard.

Solar heat requires the roof to be south-facing and have an inclination of around 30° to 70°.

The two heating systems are linked by a stratification cylinder.

Both heating systems work particularly well in combination with underfloor heating.

If the electricity required to run the heat pump is obtained from ecological sources or an additional photovoltaic system is present, this has a further beneficial effect on the ecological footprint of the new apartment block.

As the building envelope is air-tight, it is essential to employ a controlled ventilation system with heat and moisture recovery.

Optimum solution for modern apartments

The types of heating system selected for the hybrid system are efficient and environmentally friendly. Heating costs are low in the long term and not subject to the regularly rising prices of fossil fuels. They produce no CO2 at all during operation. In addition to the cost benefits for landlords and occupants, using cutting-edge technology also has a positive effect on the developer’s image.

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