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Elegant, efficient solution in a privately owned home

Newly built detached house

  • In the new house, the couple will have a living space of 180m², which will be efficiently heated and ventilated - of course with additional smarthome technology.
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  • The technically interested couple attaches great importance to a solution from a single source that is perfectly coordinated. Maximum energy efficiency and an attractive appearance are a must. The necessary heating and ventilation system should not only provide the required performance, but also be as compact as possible.
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Compact appliance with heating system & ventilation

Anne and Micha are looking for advanced solutions of particularly high-quality: for instance, a combination appliance uniting a heat pump and central ventilation system. Read on to find out why. 

Premium solution for sustainable new buildings

Anne and Micha are planning to build a new home. As they have a decent income and high-quality technical solutions are very important to them, they like to select technologically mature premium products. The topics of sustainability and energy efficiency are also important to them, which is why they are investing in a level 40 KfW energy-efficient house.


Heating energy will be produced exclusively using renewable sources. They decide to include a photovoltaic system. This will produce the electricity required for the heating system and DHW heating. Furthermore, Anne and Micha want to be able to control everything using smart home components. The best choice for them would be an all-inclusive carefree package from a single supplier.

Challenges of the project

The entire heating and ventilation concept for the energy-efficient house must be well thought out from the start. As they have a generous amount of living space at 180 m², the couple have to find a suitably high-performance solution.


Furthermore, they do not want the appliances to spoil the look of the home. Micha and Anne have designed their house to include a cellar and separate building services room. If possible, everything should be housed in these rooms: the heating and ventilation system and the central building systems, ideally all ready to integrate into a smart home system.

New build detached house

Reasons for choosing the compact solution

Micha and Anne’s heating contractor recommended that they choose a combination system that unites heating and ventilation in a single appliance:

  • they select an air-to-water heat pump. This type of heating has become the standard system used in new buildings. Free environmental energy keeps the house at pleasant temperatures and supplies it with hot water.
  • The combination system also contains a directly integrated ventilation system. Using this compact solution not only saves the couple space, it is also easier to blend into the interior of their home. 

01. The perfect home climate all year long

Heat pumps are so technologically mature that they can generate a pleasant indoor environment all year long. This type of heating system uses free environmental energy for heating in winter and can even provide cooling in summer, depending on the model.

Modern control systems can be integrated into the appliances. Micha and Anne want to operate these using apps and voice assistants.


02. Living energy-efficiently

Heat pumps are extremely efficient. The electricity required for the heating system and DHW heating is provided by a photovoltaic system that is perfectly integrated into the roof. This means that the couple have near-zero operating costs.

The ventilation system also lowers the cost of heating. Thanks to the heat recovery function, significantly less energy is lost than would be by opening the windows to air the interior. 

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03. Breathe clean air

Energy efficiency is only one side of the coin. Micha and Anne want to breathe clean air free from pollen, spores and other particles of dirt at all times. A good ventilation system must fulfil the highest air quality demands.

Suitable product solutions from WOLF

Anne and Micha quickly decided to opt for product solutions from WOLF thanks to their quality and output. They were as pleased with the compact design as with the five-year guarantee on all WOLF components and the integrated smart home solutions supplied by the manufacturer.

WOLF Building Services Centre CHT

CHT building services centre

The building services centre unites heating and ventilation technology in a single compact appliance. It can turn over up to 300 m³ of air per hour.

The heating system component has an output of 7 or 10 kW depending on the model. The modular construction is particularly important as it gives Micha and Anne great flexibility to expand their system with additional appliances.

WOLF Smarthome

WOLF smart home components

Anne and Micha can control their heating system and ventilation conveniently and wirelessly using the corresponding WOLF interface module.

Optional connection to Amazon Alexa allows the system to be managed using voice commands.

Premium solution for a premium house

Anne and Micha look forward to living in an extremely comfortable and efficient new building with the combination of appliances they have selected. The sleek building services centre is perfectly at home in their cellar and suits the overall design of their energy-efficient house. Both products work hand in hand and can be easily integrated into the planned smart home system.

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