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After gas heating systems, oil heating systems are the type used most frequently in Germany

The oil heating is one of the most used heating systems in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, about a quarter of all buildings in Germany obtain their heat from oil. Modern oil heating systems are not only efficient, they are also suitable in principle for every type of house.

Especially in old buildings, they are indispensable wherever there is a lack of alternatives - for example, if there is no gas connection for a gas heating system.

What are the advantages of oil heating?

The various advantages of oil heating explain why the heating system is so popular in this country. The biggest plus point: homeowners who opt for oil heating are independent of the local infrastructure. They need neither a gas connection nor a district heating pipe nearby.

For buildings in remote rural areas, oil is therefore still almost indispensable.

Heating with oil is also cost-effective. Despite the greater fluctuations in the price of heating oil compared to the price of gas, homeowners have usually had to pay less for heating oil than for natural gas in the past. Especially when they made clever use of the low price phases.

Thanks to the oil tank's storage capacity, operators can plan one to two years in advance and thus ensure a secure supply over a long period of time.

The COB-2 convinces among other things with its economical, low-emission and efficient oil combustion.

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Where is oil heating useful?

Another advantage of oil heating: theoretically it works in every building. However, oil heating plays out its strength above all when modernising old buildings. Here it can be used flexibly.

For example, you do not need a gas connection and can usually use the existing heating pipe system without damaging the appearance of the old building.

The condition is that there is sufficient space for the oil tank in the cellar. However, modern tank technology also makes it possible to use an underground tank in the garden for storing heating oil.

For climate protection reasons, heating based on renewable energies is now a good option in new buildings. Because in buildings with today's insulation standards, a heat pump can provide the necessary heat in a climate-friendly way.

How does modern oil condensing technology work?

If you rely on a modern oil heating system, you do not have to sacrifice efficiency. Condensing technology today ensures that the heating system makes optimum use of the energy content of the fuel oil.

However, the radiators in the building must be designed so that the flow temperature of the heating circuit does not exceed 60°C. Because only then will the condensing effect work as desired.

Heaters with condensing effect are so efficient because they are able to reduce the heat losses of the heating system caused by hot exhaust gases. Older low temperature boilers emit exhaust gases with a temperature of 140-200°C.

This means that a lot of valuable heat is lost. Condensing boilers, on the other hand, can also extract the heat from the exhaust gases and cool them down to 50°C. Find out in detail here how condensing technology works.

Oil heating and solar energy

The classic variant of a hybrid heating system consists of an oil condensing boiler and a solar thermal system. The solar collectors of such a hybrid heating system can provide 20 to 50% of the heat that your house needs in a year.

The particularly environmentally friendly solar energy can ensure that the oil-fired boiler is idle from March to October.

The WOLF solar heating system® offers you a heating system that is perfectly matched to solar domestic hot water heating and backup heating.

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Oil heating and heat pump

Another possibility for hybrid heating is to combine a heat pump with an oil condensing boiler. This makes sense especially with air/water heat pumps. Because in winter on very cold days this type of heat pump needs a lot of electricity.

In moderately or poorly insulated buildings, the electricity bill would rise accordingly. This is why the oil condensing boiler is used. On warmer days, however, the heat pump shows its advantages and supplies the house with climate-friendly environmental heat.


Whether in the garden, on the terrace or on the house wall, the WOLF CHA monoblock heat pump is strikingly inconspicuous and fits seamlessly into the design concept of your own home.

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Cost of oil heating

The total costs of an oil heating system include not only the acquisition costs but also running costs and fuel costs. These depend crucially on the price of heating oil.

Running costs

Compared to gas heating, the running costs of oil heating are not much higher. The annual maintenance of your oil heating costs up to 200 Euro. Every five to seven years you should also have your oil tank cleaned by a specialist company. For this, the specialists charge from 500 euros upwards, depending on the effort and type of oil tank farm.

The oil price

However, the decisive running heating costs are caused by the fuel price. Everyone knows from the gas station that the oil price fluctuates strongly. But despite all the prophecies of doom, it has not shot up to undreamt-of heights for a long time. The development of the past years went from a low point in 2016 slowly and moderately upwards until autumn 2018. Last year, the price of oil was then lower again and proved quite stable. This year, however, the price of oil will fall sharply.

Nobody knows exactly what all this means for the future. On the one hand, the CO₂ pricing in Germany, which is to begin in 2021, will make the price of heating oil more expensive. On the other hand the climatic protection efforts could lead world-wide to a sinking oil demand, which speaks also in the future for a moderate oil price.

Oil heating pays for itself quickly and is particularly efficient in combination

With a new oil condensing boiler you heat efficiently. This saves a lot of fuel and therefore money compared to the old oil heating system. It therefore pays for itself within a few years.

If you also use renewable energies in a hybrid heating system, you will not only support climate protection. You then invest in a heating technology that leads to low heating costs in the long term and makes you less dependent on oil price fluctuations.

Save heating costs with WOLF

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