Smarthome lets you control your heating system, ventilation and many other appliances – no matter where you are at the time.

"Did I turn the heating down?" In future a glance at your smartphone or tablet will give you the answer. The intelligent Smarthome building control system not only lets you maintain an overview but also enables you to keep everything under control. You can control heating, ventilation and much more for each room individually. At any time and from anywhere.

Man with smartphone
Smarthome lets you control the indoor environment in your house with maximum convenience. And you don't even need to be at home.

Smarthome offers you many possibilities. It not only allows you to control your individual indoor environment, but also to network and automate many other appliances and devices. You can simply sit back and relax, and let your smart home take care of everything else. Enjoy increased security, greater convenience and save energy too.

  • Benefits

    • Straightforward and clear operation.
    • Indication of relevant temperatures and operating conditions.
    • Fault messages & alerts.
    • Increased convenience through automated processes.
    • Saves up to 15 % energy through the targeted use of appliances.
    • Creation of time and event scenarios.
    • Individually adjustable daily and weekly routines.
    • The energy footprint can be improved.
    • Greater security and convenience.
    • Greater fun factor. 
  • Drawbacks

    • Depends on a fast internet connection.
    • Apps require regular updates.
    • Not compatible with every operating system.
    • Compatibility issues between different manufacturers.
    • SmartHome-enabled appliances/devices cost more.


Individual indoor environment controls not only improve the comfort at home, they also help to save energy.

Smarthome describes the comprehensive networking of building services and household appliances. As a Smarthome user you have an integrated domestic control system at your fingertips with which you can control and automate numerous devices and appliances.

The technology involved is relatively complex yet very easy to operate. You control various devices/appliances by means of an app – for example, you can control the heating in individual rooms from wherever you are. And while you're out enjoying the sunshine, you can still keep an eye on the solar yield of your solar thermal system. You can also enable your local contractor to diagnose issues with your heating system remotely, making a special call-out unnecessary.

Infographic SmartHome
Your home just got smarter. Smarthome allows you to control many devices and appliances with the greatest of ease.

Set your own personal 7-day program: with Smarthome apps you determine when your bathroom is pleasantly warm and when you want to save energy, e.g. by reducing the temperature here during the day. In addition, you can do your bit to protect the environment and reduce your energy bills by conveniently reducing the temperature in your DHW cylinder from your mobile. And when you're away from home you won't need to keep the water hot enough to fill a bath.

In summer, you can set your ventilation system so that the building, which has been heating up during the day, can be cooled down with fresh night air. You can also increase the airchange rate during a party. With geofencing you can even set location-specific rules, for example if you haven't been home for several days. Your heating system always knows by GPS where you are at any time and automatically turns down your heating system when you're on a business trip lasting several days.

Smarthome turns your mobile into an overall control system for your house. So you always know what's going on at home.

You can monitor your home around the clock using sensors and cameras. You can also control all of your domestic electronics, kitchen appliances and consumer electronics at all times. As part of this, individual components can be linked up. If required, you can design or change additional events. Your SmartHome adapts perfectly to suit you.


Greater convenience, increased security and lower heating bills. Smarthome offers intelligent solutions for many areas.

The costs for Smarthome are as varied as the application possibilities. If you want to control and monitor your heating and ventilation system remotely, you can do so with the free app. As a result, your heating system will only operate when it is actually required, enabling you to effectively reduce your heating bills.

Where several technical appliances are intended to communicate with each other, or you want to plan more complex events, you will need a separate control unit as well as different transmitters and receivers, which is invariably reflected in the cost. SmartHome-enabled devices, such as LED bulbs with a receiver, are often more expensive than conventional lighting. The additional technology will also be reflected in the price.

In many cases, you would need to equip your house or apartment with control units which are an additional expense. For lighting systems you require a bridge enabling different appliances to communicate with each other, whilst for heating systems you would need the corresponding interface modules and programming units. These also enable the heating system to go online.
In most cases, the initial purchase costs generally make it rather expensive to convert a house to a SmartHome. In the long run however, the increased efficiency and enhanced living comfort ensure that such investments will pay off.

Smarthome offers many benefits and opportunities. Nevertheless, there are a few points worth noting.

In order to be able to use Smarthome, you will need a web-enabled smartphone or tablet, as well as a control app. You will also need a local switching centre that connects all integrated appliances and devices, so that they can "talk" to each other. In many cases this is done wirelessly using WLAN and special wireless standards. However, please note that the switching centre should be compatible with as many appliances and devices as possible to enable you to extend your SmartHome without difficulty at any time. A chat with our sales consultant will help you find out how smart your home can become.