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The classic solution for heating system control

With the BM, WOLF has developed a programming unit that enables you to operate your DHW and central heating system easily and intuitively. The control unit is specially designed for our COB oil condensing boilers, the conventional wall mounted boiler CGU-2(K), our heat pumps BWL-1, BWS-1, BWW-1, as well as our WOLF solar thermal systems. One of the strong points of our BM programming unit is the room temperature-dependent or weather-compensated control. It allows our control unit to automatically regulate the heating temperature, subject to room temperature and outside temperature. For you this means that you never have overheated or chilly rooms again, as the temperature of the radiators or underfloor heating is continuously adjusted in line with current climatic conditions.

You can also conveniently control your heating system from your living room, if you prefer: you decide whether the module is installed directly on the appliance or in a different room as an external remote control. The clear and concise backlit display shows the room temperature, time and outside temperature. An info button enables you to call up the system temperature at any time, while a sensor in the module recognises whether it is warm enough inside the room, independently adjusting the temperature if required.

You can even conveniently adjust your preferred temperature from home or the office via smartphone app or PC. For this you will need the WOLF ISM7e / Link pro interface module and the free WOLF Smartset app. Of course, with these your heating installer can also carry out a remote diagnosis of your heating system.

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The classic solution for heating system control.

With the BM from WOLF you can control your heating system and solar thermal system easily and conveniently with a single device.

  • The BM programming unit can be integrated into the boiler or installed in the living room
  • Function keys and two rotary selectors enable easy and quick operation
  • Conveniently control your entire heating system incl. solar thermal system with a single programming unit
  • Optional control via app or PC with the WOLF ISM7e interface module
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Discover the benefits of intuitive control and make your home a SmartHome.

With its two rotary selectors, the BM programming unit from WOLF is as simple to operate as a radio, making controlling your heating system as easy as child's play. The BM can be installed directly on the heating system or in any other room within your home.

Numerous extension options, such as smartphone control and integration into a Smarthome system, are available for enhanced operating convenience. This means you can also conveniently adjust your preferred temperature no matter whether at home or on holiday.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.


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