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Wall mounted gas condensing boiler

The quality solution for particularly high heating standards. Suitable for apartments and smaller apartment blocks.

The FGB wall mounted gas condensing boiler operates with the most advanced condensing technology, which employs heat recovery to make highly efficient use of gas as a fuel. This is good for the environment, saves valuable energy and provides optimum heating convenience. The appliance is compatible with the WOLF control system and, using the ISM7e interface module, you can also operate your heating system at any time with your smartphone or PC via the Smartset portal.

This highly compact and space saving appliance is mounted on the wall, for example in the kitchen or in a fitted cupboard, and is also ideal for modernisation. The FGB-K combi version is characterised by exceptionally high DHW convenience. No more cold water surprises – thanks to very short heat-up times and consistent hot water temperatures.

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Wall mounted Gas Condensing Boiler FGB

The quality solution for particularly high heating standards. Suitable for apartments and smaller apartment blocks.

The FGB offers you highly advanced condensing technology for efficient central heating with heat recovery. By combining the WOLF control system with our ISM7e interface module you can also operate your appliance at any time using your smartphone.

  • Advanced condensing technology saves on energy costs
  • Appliance can also be operated via smartphone app or the SmartSet portal (with optional iSM7e interface module)
  • Appealing design for seamless integration into your living space
  • Exceptionally compact dimensions enable a particularly space saving installation, even in rooms where space is at a premium
  • Very simple and straightforward controls directly on the boiler make appliance operation as easy as child's play
  • The WOLF FGB is also available as FGB-K combi boiler with integral DHW heating
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Wall mounted gas condensing boiler FGB
Model type FGB

DHW heating

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The primary objective of our WOLF wall mounted condensing boilers is to help you achieve a complete sense of wellbeing in your own home.

That is why at WOLF we employ highly advanced condensing technology which operates reliably and protects the environment. With the FGB-K combi version you also have fresh hot water available at all times, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you like. Intuitive and convenient controls, also available via your smartphone, free you up to focus on what really matters.


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