Mechanical ventilation unit

The decentralised ventilation solution that is suitable for both new build and modernisation.

Do you want to provide your house, apartment or just a single room with a continuous supply of pollen-free, fresh air while the windows are closed? Then the compact, decentralised CWL-D 70 mechanical ventilation unit is definitely the right choice for you – especially for building modernisation.

This unit has a special feature – it uses countercurrent technology. Supply and extract air are routed past each other in separate ducts, causing the warmer extract air to heat the supply air. This saves energy while also enabling an even, continuous air supply.

A steady airflow through your rooms also guarantees consistent and pleasant temperatures and prevents building damage due to mould. Special fine filters are inserted for allergy sufferers – making irritated eyes and blocked noses a thing of the past. During summer, the CWL-D 70 also makes use of the lower night-time temperatures to provide passive cooling of the interior.

Government subsidies may be available when installing ventilation in your home. To find out if your home is eligible, see our subsidies information page.

  • Specification

The decentralised solution, also for modernisation.

The WOLF CWL-D 70 is a compact, decentralised, comfort mechanical ventilation unit suitable for new build or modernisation. It enables continuous and pollen-free ventilation when windows are closed, with an air handling rate of up to 70 m3/h.

  • Highly efficient: the WOLF CWL-D 70 achieves energy efficiency class A
  • Suitable for new build and modernisation, also ideal as part of bathroom refurbishment for optimum dehumidification ¬– prevents mould damage in the interior
  • Special fine filters are fitted for allergy sufferers
  • No draughts thanks to countercurrent technology
  • Nice and quiet: no noise thanks to continuous airflow provided by high grade, specially designed fans
  • Reliable operation, also on cold days: the integral preheating coil ensures constant supply air temperatures at all times
  • Summer night time ventilation: automatic utilisation of the cool night air for passive reduction of the room temperature
  • Straightforward and fast installation: just one opening through the external building wall and a 230 V power supply are required
  • Air handling rate easily controllable in five stages, from 15 up to 70 m3/h 
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  • CWL-D-70
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Mechanical ventilation unit CWL-D-70
Model type CWL-D-70


Air handling rate in qm³/h


General Info

Installation type

Dezentral, in Außenwand integriert

Application area

Central ventilation unit -
Decentralised ventilation unit x

Living space

Up to 150 m² x
Up to 250 m² -
Up to 300 m² -

Installation location

Wall x
Ceiling -

Combination with

Wall mounted gas boiler -
Oil condensing -
Heat pump -

Passive cooling with night air


Active air heating via preheating coil (type, in watts)


Ready for humidity and CO2 sensor



Height (mm) -
Widht (mm) -
Depth (mm) -



G4 coarse dust filters


F7 pollen and spore filers


WOLF SmartSet Ready


wiButler ready



Take a deep breath and relax - with ventilation units from WOLF

Unable to retrofit central ventilation in your home? You may find that a decentralised ventilation unit is the ideal retrofitting solution. Controlled mechanical ventilation improves your indoor environment and helps prevent the formation of mould. It also saves energy, as frequent airing through open windows can result in higher heating bills, especially in winter.

Invest in a WOLF comfort mechanical ventilation unit and treat yourself and your family to a noticeably better indoor environment – allergy sufferers, especially, will feel an immediate benefit.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.


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