Are you seeking to renovate your old heating system or install a new one in your home? Then a gas heating system is well worth considering.

While 10 years ago the share of gas heating systems was just under 70%, today it is almost 80%. The sales figures for gas condensing boilers have risen in particular (market share plus: approx. 20%).

What speaks for gas heating?

Gas heaters offer a number of advantages. Their installation is very simple. This contributes to a particularly good price-performance ratio. In addition, gas heaters, especially gas-fired heaters, have a small footprint.

Large rooms for fuel storage, such as those occupied by oil tanks, are not necessary. They therefore fit into any small utility room and are available both floor-standing and wall-mounted. Installation in the attic is also possible.

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Even without a natural gas connection, homeowners do not have to do without modern gas heating technology. Because there is the possibility to use liquid gas. This solution is ideal for rural areas where there is enough space in the garden for an LPG tank.

However, the classic variant in this case is an oil heating system.

How does gas condensing technology work?

Modern gas condensing boilers make optimum use of gas as a fuel. Compared to outdated gas boilers, they are up to 30% more efficient, which is due to the effect of the condensing value. This is a technology that is able to make use of the heat of the exhaust gases. This is because in old boilers a lot of heat is lost via the chimney.

The exhaust gas of old standard boilers is about 240°C and that of low-temperature boilers about 160°C. A gas condensing boiler, however, only emits exhaust gas at around 60°C - and that saves a lot of fuel and thus heating costs.

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New construction or modernisation:
Where is gas heating useful?

The strengths of gas heating lie particularly in the heating modernisation of existing buildings. In new buildings, the heat pump is a climate-friendly alternative that uses environmental heat.

For some years now, heat pumps have been the most common heating system in new buildings, even before gas heating systems, and the trend is still upwards.

Possible combinations of a gas heating system

With a gas hybrid heating system you can ideally exploit the advantages of several heating technologies. With which heating systems can gas heating systems be combined particularly well?

The WOLF solar heating: solar thermal and condensing boiler technology

The proven variant of a gas hybrid heating system combines the gas condensing boiler with a solar thermal system. Depending on the building, the solar collectors can generate 20 to 50% of the heat. From March to October, the gas boiler is idle with correspondingly generously designed solar systems. This reduces the gas costs enormously and also increases the service life of the gas boiler.

The WOLF solar heating system is a good example of this: it uses the sun for maximum hot water and heating comfort with minimum energy consumption.

The WOLF Sonnenheizung® offers you a heating system that is perfectly matched to solar domestic hot water heating and backup heating.

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Innovative: heat pump and condensing boiler

Modern gas hybrid heating systems consist of an air-to-water heat pump, such as the CHA monoblock and a gas boiler. Here the heat pump takes over the heat supply whenever it is moderately cold outside. This is when it has its best efficiency and can heat the house in a climate-friendly way with environmental heat.

When it gets colder outside, the hour strikes for gas heating, such as the CGB-2 gas condensing boiler, which then generates heat at low cost. Modern controls of hybrid heating systems are designed in such a way that they always activate the heating system that is currently the most cost-effective.

The investment in a new gas heating system pays for itself quickly

With a gas condensing boiler, you can heat your house efficiently, cost-effectively and future-proof. The investment in a gas condensing boiler pays for itself within a few years. The system must be adapted accordingly to the user and the building by means of control settings in order to achieve a good condensing effect. In this way you can save heating costs in the long term.

If you want to reduce your heating costs in the long term, it is best to opt for a gas hybrid heating system.

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