Diesel Power Station


WOLF even assumes projects with highest demands. Take the ventilation of the engine rooms of a diesel power station, for example, where the installation lies in a hurricane-prone area immediately adjacent to the Caribbean coast. For safety’s sake, these external air handling units had to be joined to the building in an earthquake proof manner and prepared to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph. One of the major challenges was to tie the vertically arranged plant, which was nearly 15 meters high, to the building structure using only four fixing points. For this purpose, a special support structure was mounted on the outside of the appliance. This was designed during the planning phase of the project and so fitted the appliance and engine room structure perfectly. The location also suffered from severely corrosive atmospheric conditions and heavily polluted outdoor air.


    PROJECT: Diesel power station


    • Ventilation of the engine room, housing gigantic diesel ships’ engines, each developing 18.3 MW
    • Maximum air temperature in the engine room 45 °C (briefly 50 °C)

    SPECIAL FEATURES: The plant had to be connected to the building to be earthquake proof and to be able to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph.


    APPLIANCES: 144 ventilation units

    FLOW RATE: 106,000 m³/h each

    HOURS RUN: 8700 h


    HANDLING/INSTALLATION: 90 % of the appliance components were factory fitted

The energy efficiency of the air handling plant has a major influence on the power generation yield of the power station. The lower the energy demand of the plant, the more power can be sold. For that reason, the power station operator demanded that the drive units powering the fans should be sized for 8700 hours operation annually and meet the highest efficiency demands. In total, 144 WOLF ventilation units, each with 106,000 m³ per hour flow rate, maintain the air temperature in the engine rooms of the power station at around 45 °C (briefly 50 °C).

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