System Gastronomy


WOLF has a history of working in successful partnership with gastronomic establishments. Restaurants, hotels and canteens have all found that WOLF can offer solutions capable of meeting any challenge. System gastronomy makes special demands of engineering and competence. In this environment, capable appliances often have to be installed on the smallest of footprints in the shortest amount of time. WOLF is well-positioned to cope with these demands and has been selected on numerous occasions as the partner of choice when it comes to the installation of new system gastronomy facilities where air conditioning and air handling technology are required. The integral heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit made by WOLF was central to the operation of this large system gastronomy chain. The appliance was assembled at the factory in three units, delivered and installed using Plug & Work technology on the roof of the building concerned.


    PROJECT: New build system gastronomy

    CHALLENGE: Integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit


    • efficient system solution on the smallest footprint 
    • preassembled at the factory with Plug & Work technology
    • fully stand-alone open loop and closed loop measuring and control technology by WOLF


    • 2 x KG Top with integral high-performance countercurrent heat exchanger and WRS-K control equipment 
    • 2 x CGB 50 incl. cylinder equipment

    AIR VOLUME: In total 26,350 m³/h



    CO₂ REDUCTION: Through HR 25 t/year

The integrated WOLF system comprises a countercurrent heat exchanger with 85 % efficiency, two refrigeration systems (KG TOP), the heating equipment (2 x WOLF CGB 50), the DHW cylinders, the run-around coil system (RCS) and the control panel with the complete control equipment. Not an easy task given the tight physical constraints within the system gastronomy environment. WOLF is a comprehensive system supplier and one of the few “Made in Germany” manufacturing companies that can offer such a compact appliance (heating, air conditioning, cylinder, control unit) from a single source.

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