Zorgboulevard Zandaam

Zandaam, Netherlands

Between the new hospital on one side and an XL supermarket on the other, a building with shops, restaurants and various care facilities was built: The Care Boulevard. It can be reached from the hospital, the car park and from the outside. On the ground floor, in addition to the usual shops and restaurants, there are also specialist nursing shops, such as a hairdresser who also makes wigs or an orthopaedic shoe shop, and a pharmacy. On the first floor is the nursing centre, which includes a general practitioner's practice, a physiotherapy practice and a midwife's practice. The staff restaurant of the hospital is also located on this floor. On the second floor are the eye clinic and the hospital pharmacy. A nursing hotel is being built on the three floors above the eye clinic. Patients can be accommodated here if the hospital care is no longer necessary, but they cannot yet go home due to the circumstances, because they must be rehabilitated after a hip or knee operation, for example.

Two ventilation units with a volume flow of 12,000 m³/h per AHU, which supply the Care Hotel and Care Boulevard, are installed on the roof. Highly efficient heat recovery and EC fans save energy while still providing an optimum room climate. A hygienic ventilation unit was selected for the operating theater department. In addition to a heater, cooler and steam humidifier, a sorption heating wheel with high latent and thermal efficiency is used. By using the sorption heating wheel, energy costs for heating and cooling are saved and less humidification capacity is required, as moisture is also returned. Of course, this air conditioner is also equipped with energy-efficient EC fans.

  • Abridged information

    Completion: 2016

    Function: Eye Clinic, Nursing Hotel and Nursing Boulevard

    Measure: Equipping the Care Boulevard with ventilation and heating systems

  • System overview

    Units: 2 AHUW-TE air-conditioning units, 1 AHUW-TE air-conditioning unit

    Nominal volume flow: 12,000 m³/h

    Special feature: Energy-efficient installation for an optimum room climate through the use of highly efficient heat recovery and EC fans as well as an energy- and cost-saving ventilation unit in hygienic design.