WOLF Silencer

Flow-optimised mineral fibre splitters for air handling units.

Silencer units are designed to minimise transmission to the ductwork or environment of sound generated by the fan units and from flow noise. By using different silencer lengths and splitter widths, sound emissions can be adjusted to the duct system whilst keeping the pressure drop low to best meet customer requirements.

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  • Abrasion-resistant up to 20 m/s thanks to high grade glass-silk cover.
  • Impregnated to be rot-resistant and moisture-repellent.
  • Non-flammable to DIN 4102 A2.
  • Maximum temperature in constant operation of up to 100 °C.
  • Provision of project-specific sound data in accordance with the TÜV- and Eurovent-tested WOLF configuration program.
  • High level of flexibility thanks to length and width variations.
  • Low pressure drop with optimal sound attenuation due to matched gap/splitter ratio.

Hygienically optimised due to:

  • Floor area free of vertical gaps
  • Easily cleaned splitters
  • Easily removable splitters