More knowledge brings more success

Competence and knowledge are essential for your business success. This is all the more true the faster our world is changing. The rapidly developing, state-of-the-art system technology no longer requires only the traditional heating engineer. You, as a specialist for environmentally friendly and economical heating and ventilation systems, will be in demand in the future.

01. Heating seminar programme

Let our knowledge work for you too.

The broad WOLF seminar programme with practical training courses for heating, ventilation and solar technology is aimed at owners, master craftsmen, planners, heating installers, customer service fitters, system builders, technicians, architects and energy consultants. With us, knowledge is imparted directly by specialists. And the demand is enormous. More than 15.000 participants each year rely on WOLF training to be fit for the market and the competition.


02. WOLF Business Academy

The WOLF Campus has already added a second pillar to its existing seminar programme in 2020. The WOLF Business Academy comprises a modular training programme specifically for the owners of SHK businesses. The focus here is not - as usual - on technical content, but rather on commercial topics such as employee management, process optimisation, marketing and sales.


You, as a participant, are thus provided with the knowledge you need to run your trade business economically. The topics of customer loyalty and business efficiency play a particularly important role.