Air source heat pump

With the BWL-1-I heat pump for internal installation you can utilise nature's energy and yield up to 80 % of your heating energy from the environment, free of charge.

Do you prize autonomy of supply and energy efficiency highly? Would you like to dispense with the use of fossil fuels in your detached house? Then opting for an air source heat pump such as the BWL-1-I makes perfect sense. It uses the outdoor air warmed by the sun to heat your home and DHW. The BWL-1-I is both exceptionally efficient (A++) and ultra quiet, as well as straightforward to install and easy to operate. And, of course, you can also combine the BWL-1-I with a WOLF solar thermal system and control it from your smartphone via app or Smarthome applications.Alternatively, if you are looking for a heat pump for outdoor installation, the BWL-1-A may be just right for you.

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Air source heat pump BWL-1-I

This energy efficient and quiet solution for internal installation is also very user friendly.

Utilise the benefits of the BWL-1-I heat pump and yield energy directly from the outdoor air. This saves energy while also protecting the environment.

  • Yield up to 80 % of required thermal energy from free natural energy
  • Use the power generated by your PV system to operate the heat pump
  • The low noise level will disturb neither you nor your neighbours
  • Very easy to install and operate, also via app and SmartHome
  • Protects the environment and reduces emissions of noxious substances and CO2
  • Generates DHW temperatures of up to 63 °C for thermal disinfection against legionella bacteria
  • No chimney or flue system required, saving you money on flue gas inspection charges
  • Also available as BWL-1-A for outdoor installation.
  • The variable speed EC radial fan ensures an exceptionally quiet night mode
  • All WOLF products communicate via the WOLF control unit. This means they are also very easy and intuitive to operate as a comprehensive system.
  • Awarded the EHPA quality seal for heat pumps. This guarantees highest product quality and energy efficiency, as well as a comprehensive customer service package
  • All appliance types meet the BAFA subsidy guidelines for efficient heat pumps [Germany]
  • Equipped with Smart Grid interface for additional connection of a PV system 

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Model / Performance
  • BWL-1-08I
  • BWL-1-10I
  • BWL-1-12I
  • BWL-1-14I
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Air source heat pump BWL-1-I
Model type BWL-1-08IBWL-1-10IBWL-1-12IBWL-1-14I


Maximum output

up to 10 kW xx--
up to 12 kW --x-
up to 14 kW ---x
up to 16 kW ----

Heating output A7/W35


Heating output B0/W35


Heating output W10/W35


Heating output A15/W10-55


Modulation range A2/W35 rated output


„Active cooling“


Cooling capacity A35/W18

--- -



Output range A35/W18


Energy efficiency class

Efficiency COP* A7/W35 4,54,44,34,2
Efficiency COP* A2/W35 3,83,73,73,6
Efficiency COP* B0/W35 ----
Efficiency COP* W10//W35 ----
Central heating A+A+A+A+
DHW heating ----

General info

Heat pump system

Air / DHW ----
Air / water xxxx
Brine /water ----
water / water ----


Monoblock xxxx
Split unit ----

Installation location

Indoor installation xxxx
Outdoor installation ----

DHW heating

none ----
integr. water cylinder ----
ext. water cylinder xxxx

Cooling function

Passive cooling with auxiliary module ----
yes ----
no xxxx

Combination with

Mechanical ventilation ----

Particulary quiet

yes xxxx
no ----

Dimensions / weight

Height (mm) 1665166516651665
Width (mm) 985985985985
Depth (mm) 810810810810
Diameter ----
Total weight (kg) 217242244255

With integral cylinder


DHW heating

DHW output (l/Min) ----
Cylinder size (equivalent) ----

Noise level

Noise level indoors50505255
Noise level outdoors ----

Power consumption

Standby (W) 5,85,85,85,8
Max. heating/DHW (W) 2210259031603750

WOLF Smartset Ready


wiButler Ready

Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016Ab Q4 2016

*(COP = Coefficient of Performance) EN 14511: up to 5,1 (air 7 °C/water 35 °C) and up to 4,27 (air 2 °C/water 35 °C)

Good for your interior environment
Good for the environment in general

By choosing a heat pump you save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Heat pumps are particularly suitable for new build and renovated, well insulated buildings, as these provide the right conditions for achieving a good or very good ratio of energy input (electricity) to heat output. The required power is mostly supplied at favourable special tariffs by local providers – or by your own PV system.

Innovative heat pumps from WOLF can easily be linked to other appliances to create an indoor environment to suit you and your home. Our heat pumps can, for example, be combined with a WOLF heat generator of your choice (oil, gas or solar) and one of our DHW cylinders. What's more, with WOLF programming units and our Smartset app you can control all of your appliances easily and intuitively, regardless of whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday. This means you always have a relaxing bath or cosy warm living room waiting for you – while also protecting the environment.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.