Overview of benefits

TLH motor/fan unit with extremely quiet impeller and single-phase motor (230 V or 3 x 400 V)

Motor fan guard unit fitted on the back panel with anti-vibration mounts

Three-phase motor 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz; star connection: lower speed; delta connection: upper speed

IP rating IP 54, thermal category CLF

Grooved ball bearing with special greasing for operation down to -40°C

Winding protection through integral thermal overload contacts; only effective in conjunction with a step switch and control module

Casing with a welded and zinc-plated profile frame structure

Powder-coated, traffic white RAL 9016, also available in special colours

Casing made from sheet steel, powder-coated, traffic white RAL 9016, with improved thermal insulation through bonded, flexible PUR foam insulation, 25 mm thick

Rear panel with deep-drawn inlet nozzle, powder-coated, traffic white RAL 9016

Discharge louvre with individually adjustable air flaps, powder-coated