The new CKL Evo

Compact unit with state-of-the-art plate heat exchanger.

The benchmark for compact units -
new and improved

The highest quality and hygienic standards, unparalleled compactness combined with intelligent ease of installation - properties that already make the CKL compact device series a success. And the EVOlution begins: With practical, state-of-the-art new features and increased performance values, WOLF has completely revised the product series.

extension options

  • Expanded integrated control
  • Even more accessories
  • Increased heating output
  • Equipped to satisfy all standards: Double filter and pocket filter module
  • Monitoring of the system with simple Smartset access via app and PC

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Developed for hygienic, efficient operation
and simple maintenance

  • Unique: Cable harness in the back wall for smooth surfaces in the appliance
  • Manometer tubing within the door
  • Double filter stage for maximum hygiene
  • Unique operating modes for the very highest efficiency through clever use of circulating air with the boot damper
  • New touch control unit for operating the entirely integrated control
  • Maximum efficiency in bypass mode thanks to Ice Protect Technology
  • Eurovent and RLT certified as standard, VDI 6022 compliant

Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards goes without saying for WOLF. Furthermore, our units in the CKL evo are certified to EUROVENT. Thanks to our international experience, projects abroad can also be completed with the aid of our professional consultants.

By perfectionists for experts
The most installation-friendly unit on the market

Extremely compact dimensions

Unique lenghtwise separation for easy transport of the larger CKL 4700 evo and CKL 6100 evo indoor units

Easy Lifting makes handling at the construction site child's play

No need to drill holes in outdoor units for running supply lines

Heating - cooling - ventilation in a single package.

The Clima Split system is easy to expand and can be installed in just a few steps.

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Planned in 5 minutes with the
5-Minute Compact configurator

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Exporting of:

  • 2D and 3D drawings
  • Technical data
  • BIM data

Custom-built in 13 business days

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CKL-iH/-iV-1400 EVO CKL-iH/-iV-2400 EVOCKL-iH/-iV-3300 EVO
Total heightmm1309 / 13151716 / 17201716 / 1720
Duct connection dimensionsmmLi 612x409 / 596x206Li 612x612 / 596x307Li 815x612 / 799x307
Weight of basic unitkg250360450
Nominal flow ratem3/h140024003300

*With/without boost damper

CKL-A-1400 EVOCKL-A-2400 EVOCKL-A-3300 EVO
Depth (incl. roof)mm8158151017
Total heightmm145518601860
Duct connection dimensionsmmLi 612x409Li 612x612Li 815x612
Nominal flow ratem3/h140024003300

*With/without boost damper
**Without hoods