Pure air at all times
WOLF Filter technology

Best filter performance with a minimum pressure drop and maximum service life

State of the art filter technology in WOLF air handling units ensures top hygiene, high indoor air quality, component protection, environmental protection and low operating costs. The standardised solutions, some of which were developed especially with WOLF, are selected and calculated on a project-specific basis for all requirements and output ranges.

Clean and healthy air; low energy consumption. WOLF carries all filter technologies in its product range and, naturally, meets ISO 16890 filter standards (applicable as of 01/01/2017).


Consistently clean air: Terminal filtration for air handling and ventilation units with WOLF HEPA filters
[Translate to International:] Schwebstofffilter Opakfil

HEPA filter with high grade medium made from fibre glass

  • Can be used for high air flow rates
  • High grade medium made from fibre glass
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Can be fully incinerated
  • Excellent tightness due to special mounting frame
  • Filter classes H13 and H14 available


The F7 Carbon combination filter is an effective solution for eliminating particles and gaseous components, particularly odours – in just one single filter stage
[Translate to International:] Carbon Filter Hybridfilter

With its efficient synthetic microfibre filter fleece, the F7 Carbon removes particles and meets filter class F7 requirements to EN ISO 16890

  • Can be used for high air flow rates
  • Particle filtration and odour elimination in a single filter stage
  • Large filter surface area, therefore longer service life
  • No carbon dust formation due to bonded activated charcoal material
  • Environmentally responsible disposal through hollow plastic profiles that can be fully incinerated
  • Simplified handling due to low weight
  • Compact design with shallow depth
  • Self-supporting, rigid design for operational reliability


Being short on space is no excuse to cut corners: Clean air and long service life in spite of limited space
[Translate to International:] Panelfilter

Highly efficient, space saving, panel shaped filter

  • Long service life achievable.
  • Light yet stable design.
  • Minimal insertion depth.
  • Can be fully incinerated.
  • Filter medium made from fibre glass; frame from plastic.
  • Available in filter classes M5 to F9.


The classic filter for WOLF air handling and ventilation units guarantees a large filter surface area and optimal energy and hygiene properties
[Translate to International:] Taschenfilter Standard

Energy optimised bag filters from WOLF meet all requirements of VDI 6022

  • Generously sized filter surface areas with high dust holding capacity.
  • Low pressure drops.
  • Available in filter classes M5, F7 and F9 to EN ISO 16890
  • Energy optimised bag filters with outstanding hygiene properties in compliance with VDI 6022.
  • Filter medium made from fibre glass; frame from sendzimir galvanised sheet steel.
  • Moisture-proof up to 100 % relative humidity.
  • Best air distribution thanks to newly developed bag design.
  • Conical filter bags.


Air treatment in an aerodynamic, compact design
[Translate to International:] Kompaktfilter

The compact filter impresses with very low energy costs and a long service life.

  • Light, robust structure.
  • Very low energy costs.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Can be fully incinerated.
  • Very long service life.
  • Certified performance.
  • Filter medium made from fibre glass; frame from polypropylene and ABS.
  • Available in filter classes M5 to F9.


The special filter for grease and oil filtration
[Translate to International:] Streckmetallfilter

Ideal for the catering trade and industrial applications

  • Can be used to filter out grease and oil mist
  • Stainless steel medium for straightforward cleaning
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Up to 95 % filtration efficiency on oil mist and grease aerosols
  • Also effective against dust, sand, paint, etc.
  • Knitted fabric with outer frame; cover with expanded metal or corrugated mesh on both sides


For filtration of odours from organic and inorganic gases
[Translate to International:] Aktivkohlepatronen im Aufnahmerahmen

Filled with quality activated charcoal, the cartridges offer great flexibility at all times

  • Elimination of odours and gaseous substances – reduces the causes of sick building syndrome.
  • Physical adsorption through activated charcoal made from coconut shells.
  • For use in industrial applications with high concentrations of gaseous pollutants, such as industrial kitchens and airports.