Flawless hygiene standards

with WOLF AHU appliances

Air handling systems are vital for the operation of many buildings and are becoming more important than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Choose the high-quality products and practical solutions made by WOLF.

01. Technical solutions from WOLF


WOLF Superseal

Powerful sealing system for hygienic applications.


Hygienic solutions

Compliance with VDI 6022.


Easy Lifting System

Reduction of installation tolerances for outstanding appliance hygiene.


Filter technology

Cutting-edge filter technology for excellent indoor air quality.


Air humidification

Perfectly controlled humidity for a healthy indoor environment.

WOLF Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Heat recovery

Hygiene and sustainability combined in a single technology. 

Operation & maintenance of AHU appliances

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, operators of air handling and ventilation units are facing many questions about the operation and maintenance of their systems.

We would like to briefly address the key points here.


Outdoor air is usually considered to be free of viruses and, therefore, does not need any additional treatment before being used in occupied areas within the scope of VDI 6022. The outdoor air should be as highly diluted as possible to minimise the concentration of any airborne viruses. If possible, the systems should be operated using 100 percent fresh outdoor air.

02. Current information & news on COVID-19

General information on COVID-19 and recommendations for operating AHU appliances during the coronavirus pandemic.


Recommendations of the German AHU Manufacturers Association

The German AHU Manufacturers Association issued the following recommendations for operating AHU appliances.

Coughing spreads exhaled air

Visualisation of indoor air flow in a video created by Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

WOLF Service

Servicing AHU appliances is now particularly important. WOLF Service always provides swift and reliable support.