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Monoblock Air/Water Heat Pump CHA

Warm in winter, cool in summer
and super quiet.

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Nine convincing arguments for you and your customers

Future-proof and ultra-hygienic

Future-proof and ultra-hygienic R290 (propane)
R290 (propane)

As an innovative refrigerant, R290 (propane) is not harmful to the ozone layer and contributes little to the greenhouse effect. Due to its high availability, it is future-proof and economical in the long-term. The high-feed temperature of up to 70 °C provides thermal legionella protection without activation of the electric heating element.

Extremely quiet

Extremely quiet
A considerate neighbour

Numerous technical details such as a slowly-rotating fan in owl-wing design and tracking geometry as well as the installation of the components in a sound-insulating EPP core ensure that noise from the heat pump disturbs neither operators nor neighbours.

Ease of handling

Ease of handling
Rapid transport

The compact dimensions and the convenient carrying device on the outdoor unit make setting up easier. The hydraulic connection can be established without additional accessories on the underside or rear - depending on the site conditions and customer requirements.

Top values for efficient heating and cooling

Top values for efficient
heating and cooling

High efficiency makes this device eligible for state subsidies even in new buildings + low operating costs. Through the standard use of inverter technology, the heat pump heats and cools with ideal modulation. Agreeable warmth in winter and gentle cooling in summer via the underfloor heating.

Sturdiness and smooth operation

Sturdiness and
smooth operation

Designed for a long service life: With a robust housing and a UV-resistant powder coating, the heat pump copes with even the toughest environmental conditions. The raised base ensures problem-free operation in high snowfall regions.

Reliable failure protection and large power reserve

Reliable failure protection
and large power reserve

The demand-controlled 9 kW E heating element, which is included as standard, serves as a reliable power reserve for long periods of cold weather.

Directly online


With the WOLF Link home interface module and the Smartset portal, you can monitor your customers' systems via the internet at any time. This makes it easy to read the status of the system and optimise settings without costly travel.

The compact, all-in-one solution

The compact,
all-in-one solution

The CHA Monoblock is also available as an attractive CHC heat pump centre solution. The ten modular variants of the CHC monoblock allow particularly space-saving and quick installation as well as a neat finish (including hot water and buffer cylinders).

Now with KEYMARK Certificate

The Heat Pump KEYMARK is a voluntary, independent European certification mark (ISO type 5 certification) for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heaters (as covered by Ecodesign, EU Regulation 813/2013 and 814/2013). It is based on independent, thirdparty testing and demonstrates compliance with product requirements as set in the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme rules and with efficiency requirements as set by Ecodesign.

performance data
At a glance

Energy efficiency class Room heating, medium temperature

Power range at A-7/W35kW1,6 - 6,82,2 - 9,8
A7/W35 Rated power /COP according to EN14511kW / -4,5 / 5,474,1 / 5,72
A2/W35 Rated power / COP according to EN14511kW / -5,15 / 4,545,75 / 4,65
A-7/W35 Max. power / COP according to EN14511kW / -5,88 / 2,737,97 / 2,88
max. flow°C7070
Sound pressure night max. (freely positioned, 3m distance)dB(A)3234
Sound pressure night max. (freely positioned, 3m distance)dB(A)58 / 4960 / 51
Sound power ErPdBA)5253
Refrigerant type / Filling quantity / GWP- / kg / -R290 / 3,1 /3R290 / 3,4 / 3
Operating limits supply air heating / cooling°C-22 bis +40 / +10 bis +45-22 bis +40 / +10 bis +45
Energy efficiency class Room heating, low temperature -A++/A+++A++/A+++
Energy efficiency class Room heating, medium temperature -A++A++
Dimensions external modulemm1.286 x 586 x 9021.286 x 586 x 902
Dimensions indoor modulemm440 x 340 x 790440 x 340 x 790
Dimensions indoor modulekg152 / 27162 / 27
KEYMARK Certifikation (ISO-Typ-5)Yes Yes