Comfort domestic Ventilation CWL-2

The most compact in its class, extremely quiet and highly efficient – that is the new central domestic ventilation unit series CWL-2 from WOLF. The precise flow rate measurement, enthalpy heat exchanger, preheater and exceptionally easy maintenance make the CWL-2 a true premium product. The new overall concept results in maximum comfort even at low outside temperatures – without draughts or irritating noises.

Nine convincing arguments
for you and your customers

A genuine

State-of-the-art technologies mean outstanding thermal and electrical efficiency. At the same time, the CWL-2 generates unparalleled low noise levels. The complete redesign makes the appliance the most compact in its class, even taking into account the preheater integrated as standard.

than ever before

Thanks to the aerodynamic internal configuration and highly-innovative components, the CWL-2 runs extremely quietly, even at high speeds. It is therefore usually possible to avoid the use of external silencers. WOLF ventilation units are ideally suited to the new flow and maintenance-optimised UniAir 125R and 125Q design valves. The integrated helix optimally distributes the supply air throughout the room.

Fan technology
of the latest generation

The latest fan technology ensures an optimally-adjusted flow rate. The precise flow rate measurement with impeller anemometer guarantees smooth running and balanced flow rates. At the same time, this technology creates a clearer structure and a high level of serviceability.

Attractive design

In the modern silver-stripe design, the CWL-2 device series perfectly fits in with the current WOLF look. In combination with the new WOLF UniAir supply and extract air design valves, the CWL-2 brings a sophisticated yet discreet look into the living space.

Enthalpy heat exchanger
for moisture recovery

The CWL-2 series is also available with a moisture-recovering heat exchanger. Thanks to the antibacterial polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM), no odours or pollutants are released into the supply air - for optimum hygiene and comfort. A wastewater connection to the appliance is no longer necessary.

Pre-heater and automatic bypass
as standard

The CWL-2 thinks for you: At low temperatures, the intelligently-controlled preheater ensures trouble-free ventilation. In summer, the customer uses the cool outside air at night via the fully automatic bypass.

Rapid installation
and simple operation

With the new colour touch display, you can now operate the appliance even more easily. The digital step-by-step instructions guide you through installation and filter changes quickly and intuitively. The ball siphon guarantees maintenance-free condensate management and fault-free installation.


With the WOLF Link home interface module and the Smartset portal, you can monitor your customers' systems via the internet at any time. This makes it easy to read the status of the system and optimise settings without costly travel.

Demand-controlled ventilation
for a comfortable indoor climate

Sensors for CO2, humidity, and air quality enable on-demand ventilation. Thus, the CWL-2 always ensures the optimum air quality as desired by users.

WOLF System Accessories and Services
Everything for uncomplicated implementation

  • UniAir Design Valves 125R and 125Q
    • easy and quick to install
    • Design covers can be easily removed and varied thanks to magnetic attachment
    • Uniform air distribution and pleasant room ventilation without draughts
    • Air volume regulation possible at the valve by means of annular gap limiter
    • Installation in ceiling and wall possible
    • UV-resistant
  • Verteiler und Schläuche
    • Antistatic and antimicrobial
    • Air distributor with 8, 16 or 24 connections available
    • flexibly applicable
    • available as round duct DN75 and DN63 or flat duct 50x100 resp. 50x140
    • Supply and exhaust air outlets as ceiling or floor versions
    • Various soundproofing measures ensure silent air distribution
  • WOLF Auslegungssoftware
    • free and user-friendly design of the entire living space ventilation system in just a few minutes
    • Volume flow calculation according to DIN 1946-6
    • Integrated creation of a submission proposal
    • complete printout of all information (e.g.: Material list with gross prices, overflow openings, string diagram, ventilation concept, throttle disk calculation)

The perfect team
for new buildings

  • CHC-Monoblock
    heat pump center

    • consisting of an outdoor and indoor module
    • the entire building services technology in the smallest space
    • fast and fault-free installation thanks to a modular design
    • ten different variants: a coordinated solution for every building project
    • outdoor module with top efficiency and best sound value

  • CWL-2
    CWL-2 Comfort Mechanical Ventilation

    • available in two sizes (325 and 400 m3/h)
    • the quietest WOLF mechanical ventilation unit ever
    • genuine flow rate measurement for constant air flows
    bypass, automatic antifreeze control and maintenance-free condensate management as standard
    • passive house certificate and application submitted for DIBt approval

  • Amazon Alexa
    WOLF & Alexa: a smart team

    • with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa or the wibutler Smarthome system
    • for innovative WOLF heating and mechanical ventilation products
    • control has never been this easy
    • “Alexa, turn the heat on”
    • “Alexa, switch on intensive ventilation”

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performance data
At a glance

energy efficiency classA+ -> FA *A
max. air outputm3/h325400
electr. power consumptionW6 - 1458 - 178
Heat supply according to PHI%9190
Degree of heat supply according to ErP (DIN EN 13141-7)%9192
Heat supply degree up to (DIN EN 13141-7)%9899
duct connection diametermm160180
weight kg3738

 * A+ with two sensors


When it comes to building services, if you invest in quality, you need to be confident that it's for the long term. Find out here how to get our 5 year system guarantee and what requirements need to be met.

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