Overview of benefits

Slimline construction with an output of 1000 to 3200 m³/h.

Compact and sturdy casing made from two layers of zinc-plated sheet steel

High energy efficiency thanks to variable speed, free-running fans featuring EC technology (IE4) plus countercurrent plate heat exchangers with efficiency levels up to 90%.

Countercurrent plate heat exchanger can be circumvented by means of a bypass.

The appliance is fully wired for fast, straightforward setup.

Control panel with control unit mounted on the side of the appliance; the included programming unit can also be used as a remote control.

Wide range of accessories available (silencers, direct-expansion coils, filters in quality category ePM1>70%, etc. are available with extension modules).

The appliances comply with all relevant standards and guidelines, such as VDI 6022, VDI 3803 and ErP directives.