Overview of benefits

WOLF Control Systems RM 2

Control of heat sources and mechanical ventilation

The new RM-2 room module in compact WOLF design enables your customers to control their heating and mechanical ventilation from a practical unit. The illuminated touchscreen is intuitive to use.

WOLF Control Systems RM 2

Practical program selection

Individually configurable day programs for heating, hot water and ventilation are available in addition to all other smart functions (holiday mode, key lock) and displays (time, temperatures, operating status, fault messages and filter change indicator).

WOLF Control Systems RM 2

Wireless or wired

The RM-2 is available either in a classic wired version or with a wireless connection. The wireless version has easily replaceable batteries. The especially power-efficient display with proximity sensor is designed for long-lasting battery operation.

WOLF Control Systems RM 2

Fast and easy to install

The RM-2 can be easily installed on the wall or in a flush-mounted box. Systems (e.g. ventilation controllers, remote control) are automatically detected and the associated functions identified during commissioning. Updates are simple to perform using a memory card (SD).

WOLF Control Systems RM 2

Full integration into the WOLF control systems

The RM-2 can be easily integrated into WOLF Smarthome systems to make use of preset week programs. With an additional BM-2, up to seven heating and mixing circuits can be controlled. Simply enter the desired room temperature directly or adjust the heating curve for continuous comfort.

Wired or wireless

The RM-2 essentially has two basic functions:

  1. It works as a room controller if no other controller (BM-2/BM) is installed in the heating appliance or ventilation unit.
  2. It serves as a remote control for all heating and mixing circuits if it detects another controller in the system (e.g. BM-2/BM). This has additional advantages: When using multiple room modules, multiple heating circuits can be individually controlled (max. 7 circuits)

The RM-2 helpfully detects its functions automatically.

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