Fans and drive systems

State-of-the-art fan technology for maximum energy efficiency

Choosing the most suitable drive system is vital for achieving optimum results. The decisive factors for selecting the ideal system are compliance with standards and regulations and the individual operational requirements. WOLF has the ideal solution for every application and can help you to make your system design a reality.

01. EC fans with free-running impellers

Perfect efficiency and integrated control functions. Energy-efficiency IE4 is far better than standard requirements.

These fans are suitable for low air flow rates of up to approx. 30,000 m³/h. Fan wall configurations of any size can be constructed. Connecting multiple fan units to form a fan wall generates high air flow rates, saves space and provides redundancy. This type of fan is designed to be extremely smooth running and generate virtually no structure-borne noise emissions.

  • Energy-efficiency class IE4
  • High system efficiency even in partial load range
  • Integral PID controller for variable output control 0–100 % of the electronically commutated synchronous motors with no power loss
  • Simple and precise output control with flow rate measuring device
  • Maximum operational reliability and easy maintenance thanks to direct drive
  • Low noise generation
  • Short installed length
  • High outputs possible by using fan wall configurations
  • Maintenance-free drive system with low wear and long service life
  • Extremely smooth running, virtually no structure-borne noise emissions

02. AC / DC fan

Radial fan with free-running impeller

In the output range up to approx. 5 kW, an inverter can be fitted directly to the motor to control its speed.

  • AC or DC motors for variable output control with inverter
  • Simple and precise output control due to flow rate measuring device
  • Maximum operational reliability and easy maintenance thanks to direct drive.
  • Short installed length
  • Optional versions for ATEX applications and extracting contaminated air
  • Inverter as accessory

03. Hybrid PM fans

  • Free-running radial fans in compact design
  • Combined with the operational principle of conventional housed fans
  • Unique air routing and housing geometry
  • Particularly high energy savings

04. Fan walls

  • For high air flow rates
  • Hygienic, clear of the floor even for high air flow rates
  • Extremely short installed lengths
  • Perfect conveyance of air flow to the next section (replaces diffuser)