Expertise in air conditioning

for stadiums & arenas

WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems generate the perfect indoor environment in countless stadiums, arenas and multi-purpose halls around the world and produce a pleasant atmosphere in which outstanding achievements can be made.

Whether with heating, air handling, ventilation or CHP systems, many stadiums, arenas and multi-purpose halls across the globe have been and continue to be fully and professionally equipped from one source by system supplier WOLF. And this is for one particularly impressive reason: all of the components suit each other perfectly and are impeccably coordinated. This guarantees excellent system reliability and, above all, seamless functionality in all your projects.


Right from the start, you have just one contact person for all your concerns and assignments. Professional consultation, intelligent design, a comprehensive product range of efficient system & control technology, system warranties, right through to commissioning service and global customer service – WOLF gives you everything you need from a single source. It couldn't be easier for you to work with WOLF – which is why complete WOLF energy saving systems have been designed and installed in so many sports facilities, both large and small.

Selected products

for stadiums & arenas

Air Conditioner

KG Top air handling unit

WOLF KG Top air handling units guarantee a perfect indoor environment in stadiums, arenas and multi-purpose halls. They can be dismantled to facilitate their handling and installation in the plant rooms of sports facilities.

Combined heat and power unit

GTK 50 combined heat and power unit

WOLF combined heat and power units are ideal for use in stadiums, arenas and multi-purpose halls. Power generation gives operators greater independence from energy costs and public grids.


KGX energy recovery systems

WOLF KGX energy recovery systems utilise heat, humidity or cooling energy from the extract air and help to save energy and reduce running costs in stadiums, arenas and multi-purpose halls.

Selected references

  • PGE Narodowy national stadium

    Warsaw, Poland

    76 WOLF KG Top air handling units are in use in the national stadium. All units are equipped with energy recovery systems.

  • Arena Nationala

    Bucharest, Romania

    Technical features particular to the nine WOLF air handling units installed here include refrigeration technology and energy recovery systems.