Feel-good environment all round
Supply and extract air humidifiers

Hygienically matched humidification systems for a wide variety of applications.

Personal wellbeing, just like process and production environments, demands a controlled and optimised relative humidity, as well as a defined temperature. The use of adiabatic humidification systems in combination with efficient heat recovery can also enable a reduction in operating costs.

Benefits of controlled air humidification:

  • Ideal indoor environment in all seasons
  • Safeguarding trouble-free process engineering
  • Prevention of electrostatic charging, important in IT areas
  • Reduction of the electrical cooling capacity if necessary

WOLF offers structurally and hygienically matched system solutions for a wide variety of humidification systems. Hygiene requirements, accessibility, cleaning capability and compliance with all current standards and regulations are naturally assured.

You can expect and assume high standards:

  • Internal, stainless steel humidification chamber
  • Stainless steel drip pan with 3D slope to drain outlet
  • Sight glass with blackout option
  • Moisture-proof lights with cabling
  • Extensive servicing and cleaning options

Steam humidifiers

Deployed in the supply air flow for controlled humidification and condensate drainage.
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Steam humidifiers are deployed in the supply air flow for controlled air humidification. Water is brought to the boil in the humidifier, using electricity or gas, and evaporates. This separates out or destroys all minerals and biological constituents.
The pure water vapour is injected into the air flow, where it is absorbed via the steam lance fitted inside the air handling unit. The condensate produced is collected in a stainless steel pan with three-sided slope to the side drain and is discharged in a controlled manner.

  • Maximum hygiene
  • Variable output control possible
  • Low water losses (condensate)
  • No air reheating required
  • Short installed length possible
  • Easy to service
  • Suitable for various water qualities


HygroFlow spray humidifiers create a more pleasant and healthier indoor air. The right air humidity is also crucial for the best results in manufacturing processes. In short: spray humidifiers are a necessary component of responsible building air conditioning.

The new HygroFlow spray moistens at a glance:

  • only 900 mm total length, independent of air conditioner size
  • exact fertilisation performance due to proportional humidification control
  • Particularly flexible due to fan arrangement on both suction and discharge sides
  • detachable double-stage aerosol separator for easy access and aerosol-free air
  • certified hygiene according to VDI 6022, confirmed by TÜV Nord
  • Individually configurable for each of your projects
  • no interface problems - everything from one source from WOLF