In 2008, the COB oil condensing boiler was chosen as a test winner by German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest. Building on the proven technology of the bestseller, the series has been subject to thorough further development for the new COB-2. As a strong partner, be part of this generation of change from the start.

Nine convincing arguments
for you and your customers

Flexibility for modernisation or new buildings

Flexibility for modernisation
or new buildings

The compact, light-weight boiler with a robust frame and optimised carrying comfort can be easily installed in small or confined rooms. The COB-2 is also fully compatible with the connections to the COB (incl. flue gas connection).

Quick commissioning and uncomplicated maintenance

Quick commissioning and
uncomplicated maintenance

Well thought out from control to maintenance: The commissioning assistant in the BM-2 control unit identifies WOLF components and guides the user directly and successfully through the configuration. A central plug and the integrated workbench make the COB-2 an extremely maintenance-friendly appliance.

Maximum robustness and longevity

Maximum robustness
and longevity

The COB-2 is based on decades of experience with oil condensing boiler technology. Long-term tested components such as aluminium/silicon heat exchangers and robust ceramic flues guarantee operational safety. The pressure atomisation technology ensures high efficiency and is known for its operational safety.

Uncompromising reliability


We have equipped the COB-2 with extensive safety features: Additional differential pressure cell for monitoring of supply and extract air, ionisation check and safe combustion assured by a perfectly pre-set degree of recirculation.

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Fits into
the smallest of basements

The COB-2 only requires about 1/3 sqm of space: Thanks to its compact “fridge-style” format, it fits perfectly into any installation location, and its excellent accessibility means that it can be mounted on walls or even in corners. The WOLF neutralisation box and lifting pump can be installed in the boiler to save space.

Saves not only oil, but electricity too

Saves not only oil,
but electricity too

Thanks to innovative technology, all WOLF oil condensing boilers dispense with the electrical oil pre-heating process. The two-level boiler also automatically adapts to demand and only consumes a mere three watts in standby mode! Sustainability has also been taken into account: As an alternative, the COB-2 can also be operated with B10 bio oil without any problems.

Directly online


With the WOLF Link home interface module, which can be integrated into the boiler and the WOLF Smartset, it is now easier for you to connect systems and to monitor your customers’ appliances at all times. You can use these to check the condition of the system, optimise settings or contact WOLF service without needing to visit the site. 

The ideal complete solution, also available with a storage tank and ventilation

The ideal complete solution,
also available with a storage tank and ventilation

Put together your own individual building services centre: The COB-2 can be extended for even greater efficiency with an ideally-adapted hot water stratification storage tank to become model COB-2-TS 160 (from summer 2019 also with TR-160 spiral tube storage tank). It can also be optimally combined with the WOLF CWL-T-300 mechanical ventilation unit for a visually perfect appearance in the most confined spaces.

The perfect team:

  • CWL-T-300 Excellent

      • perfectly combinable with floor-mounted WOLF heating appliances
      bypass and electric preheater coil fitted as standard
      • fully integrated into the WOLF control system; "Constant Flow" control
      • sensor control possible (quality, CO2, humidity)
      • Maximum heating efficiency: 93% (DIN EN 13141-7)

  • Amazon Alexa
    WOLF & Alexa: A smart team

    • with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa or the wibutler Smarthome system
    • for innovative WOLF heating and mechanical ventilation products
    • control has never been this easy
    • “Alexa, turn the heat on”
    • “Alexa, switch on intensive ventilation”

performance data
Variants without drinking water storage tank

Nominal heat pipe at 80/60°CkW9,2-14,7 13,4-19,518,9-28,827,4-38,5
Nominal heat pipe at 50/30°CkW9,6-15,414,1-20,419,9-30,428,7-40,4
Annual room heating- energy efficiency%92929393
Energy efficiency class Heating-AAAA
heightmm1290           1290            1290            1490            
Boiler weightkg929299122
sound power level indoorsdB(A)53545959
Water content heating heat exchangerl7,57,59,011,5
Standby power consumptionW3333
Power consumption oil preheatingW0000

performance data
Variants with drinking water storage tank

COB-2-15  COB-2-20  COB-2-29  
heightmm1290     1290        1290        
widthmm 113211321132
Weight boiler/storage tankkg92/7692/7699/76
Nominal capacity Memory TSl160160160
Equivalent nominal capacity Storage tank TSl200240260
Continuous storage power TSl/h370490710
Performance key figure TS (NL60)-3,54,55,0
Energy efficiency class DHW heating-AAA


When it comes to building services, if you invest in quality, you need to be confident that it's for the long term. Find out here how to get our 5 year system guarantee and what requirements need to be met.

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