Flat-plate collectors

CFK-1 High performance flat-plate collectors

The new solar rooftop installation sets.

WOLF presents an optimized range of its solar rooftop installation sets for the flat solar collectors TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q and CFK-1. The mounting system is not only quick and easy to install, but also dependably withstands extremely high wind and snow loads.

WOLF mounting system with general building authority approval (DIBt)

  • Safety for end users and skilled tradesmen trough a statically calculated system approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology) (approval number: Z-14.4-797)
  • Compliance with building regulations
  • No load transfer via the tiles
  • Quick and simple installation
  • flexibly adaptable to any roof conditions
  • weather-resistant materials
  • Extremely stable and resilient even with high snow and wind loads

WOLF universal sets:

  • suitable for most applications
  • simple checking of the application limits with the help of the WOLF price list
  • adaption of the mounting system to individual requirements with extensive accessories
Model / Performance
  • CFK-1
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  • For solar thermal systems used for DHW heating and central heating backup
  • High performance flat-plate collectors tested to EN ISO 9806 with maximum energy efficiency
  • Certified by Solar Keymark
  • Meet the requirements for the "Blue Angel" certificate of environmental excellence to RAL UZ 73
  • Deep-drawn, highly weather-resistant aluminium collector pan
  • Thermal insulation made from mineral wool, 60 mm thick for minimal cool-down losses, TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q with additional thermal insulation on the sides
  • Absorber with highly selective coating for very high yields;
  • meander (TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q) or harp (CFK-1) design ensures an even flow and effective function
  • Expansion compensators between collectors
  • Safety glass, 3.2 mm (TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q) or 3.0 mm (CFK-1) thick; hail-proof to EN 12975, thermally pre-stressed, TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q with improved transparency
  • EPDM seal, pressed into a single-piece grip moulding
  • With the TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q, up to 5 collectors can be connected on one side; connection either on the right or left
  • With the TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q, glass retaining strip also in grey-black (for special visual requirements)
  • 5 year statutory warranty
technical drawing
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Flat-plate collectors CFK-1
Type CFK-1

General data

Recommended flow rate per collector l/h 90
Heat transfer medium ANRO
Annual collector yield "Würzburg; Tm=50 °C" kWh/collector 996
Solar Keymark registration no. 011-7S591F
Connections (flat gasket with union nut) G ¾“
Installation angle 15° bis 75°
Optical efficiency * % 76.7
Heat loss coefficient a1 * W/(m2 K) 3.669
Heat loss coefficient a2 * W/(m2 K2) 0,018
Max. stagnation temperature °C 196
Angle of incidence correction factor K50° * % 95
Thermal capacity C * kJ/(m2 K) 7.78
Max. operating pressure bar 10
Gross surface area 2.3
Aperture area 2.12
Capacity l 1.1


Length A mm 2099
Width B mm 1099
Depth C mm 110
Flow/return D mm 1900


Weight (empty) kg 36
Flat-plate collectors CFK-1