WOLF hygienic solutions

Not only clean, but pure

All WOLF air handling units are designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements of VDI 6022 as standard and constructed with great care. For engineers and developers, this guarantees straightforward planning, problem-free approval and safe operation in hospitals, clean rooms and areas with the strictest hygiene requirements.

Strict adherence to design regulations


Hygienically smooth surfaces

  • Interior surfaces can be cleaned leaving no residue
  • All gaps and grooves are sealed with closed-pore, microbiologically inert and safe sealing materials

Removable door seals

  • All component parts can be accessed from both sides for cleaning purposes
  • Lights and inspection windows (with optional blackout function) in maintenance units and functional units

Stainless steel filter mounting frame

Gun-applied, gap-free foam seals


Insulated 3D condensate tray

Slopes on all sides for full drainage.

  • Mist eliminator with stainless steel frame. Can be fully dismantled for cleaning
  • Stainless steel 1.4301 interior appliance floor
  • Powder-coated interior appliance walls and top panel (optional stainless steel 1.4301)

Filter mounting frame & slide rails

  • In stainless steel 1.4301
  • Filter classes F6–F9, H10–H13 with test certificate

Cu/Al heating coil

With coated or stainless steel 1.4301 frame and louvre spacing of at least 2.0 mm

  • Cu/Al cooling coil with stainless steel 1.4301 frame, copper header and coated louvres with a spacing of at least 2.5 mm
  • EC fans with free-running, coated, hygienic impeller, completely accessible and easy to clean

Highest hygiene standards

Air is treated like food in our air handling units (AHUs). With well thought-out technical solutions and an optimal unit design, our claim goes beyond the fulfillment of hygienic standards.

Coupled with proper operation and regular maintenance according to VDI 6022, WOLF ensures hygienic air exchange in buildings.

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