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WOLF offers sustainable heat pumps, hybrid and H2-ready gas heating systems and efficient ventilation solutions.

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As an indoor climate expert, WOLF offers the know-how, the necessary technologies and services so that people can optimally design their indoor climate.

WOLF heat pump

WOLF heat pumps

Heat pumps are technically mature, work reliably and score points for their high efficiency, environmental friendliness and durability.

The CHA monobloc heat pump is our most popular heat pump. It is highly efficient, ideal for existing buildings thanks to its high flow temperatures and blends seamlessly into the design concept of your home.

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People spend 90% of their lives indoors - so a healthy indoor climate is key to a healthy life. As experts in the field of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, your well-being is close to our hearts. That's what we at WOLF make sure of.

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Energy-efficient renovation
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Heating in old buildings
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Replace oil heating
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