Achieving the ideal unit – module by module.

The modular design of the KG Top and AHU-TE series makes it possible to assemble a unit consisting of 23 differently sized sections in next to no time. Here, we bring together the benefits of standard production and the flexibility of individual configuration.

If an even higher level of customisation is required, the units from the KG Flex series are available – our tailor-made range.

Close interaction between software and production, unique in the sector, allows a high degree of flexibility in the configuration of the units and at the same time, efficient manufacture with particularly short response and delivery times.

Every single module can boast more than 50 years of expertise: This is where clever, practical solutions meet the latest technology for maximum efficiency. This does not just mean always using the latest generation of fans and heat recovery systems, but also keeping one step ahead. As with our compact appliances, these units can be fully wired and equipped with a complete control unit, and naturally, can also be operated via app and PC.

Handling on site is facilitated by WOLF technology such as the Easy Lifting System. We place great importance on ease of transportation and installation-friendly connection technology, which both save time and ensure that the units function perfectly with maximum hygiene standards.

Our air handling units are, of course, also available as "plug & play" versions, in which case the entire unit is pre-installed on a base frame, complete with control unit and wiring. To put it briefly: Transport, wiring and ducting... done! On request, the heat generator and refrigerating unit also manufactured by WOLF can even be integrated into the air handling unit.

"A thing of beauty" – if required, our units can make themselves invisible: WOLF air handling units from the KG Top and AHU-TE series can simply be coated in any RAL colour. The result is that they blend almost seamlessly into external walls and roofs, which is a selling point not only for developers and architects.

Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards goes without saying for WOLF. Furthermore, our units in the AHU-TE series are certified to EUROVENT. Thanks to our international experience, projects abroad can also be completed with the aid of our professional consultants.


All features at a glance

Made-to-measure WOLF air handling units for office buildings, hotels, industry, commerce and hospitals

  • Smooth-running, efficient EC motors combined with the latest generation of fan impellers.
  • Bag filters with no floor contact – free floating, therefore hygienically flawless; no moisture accumulation or corrosion on the base plates.
  • Highly efficient countercurrent plate heat exchanger or crosscurrent heat exchanger with temperature transfer levels of up to 90 % (dry).
  • Highly efficient thermal wheel heat exchanger (TWHE) with temperature and moisture transfer levels of over 90 % and unprecedented tightness rates of 98 % to VDI 3803/5.
  • Available with integral refrigeration units; optional, adjacent, variable speed, split units for heating and cooling.
  • Complete energy centres available, consisting of an air handling unit with heat recovery system, integral boiler, variable speed refrigeration heat pump.
  • New control unit for swimming pool ventilation enables efficient dehumidification of swimming baths. The heat demand is covered by a heat recovery system, supported by a DHW coil.
  • Units can be configured using the two-minute configurator.
  • BIM-enabled files.