WOLF AHU housing

First choice amongst architects

Easy, fast and safe transportation and installation with the simple yet ingenious Easy Lifting System. Closer to the limit with WOLF SuperSeal and custom C5 coating colours for extreme environmental conditions: WOLF AHU housing provides all these benefits.

01. The air handling unit spreads its wings

WOLF Easy Lifting System

Difficult site conditions for engineers and installers? WOLF has the answer: the Easy Lifting System. It simplifies and speeds up transporting functional units to or into a building and improves the installation process. It is so effective that it can be used to transport even our largest AHU components, such as thermal wheel or plate heat exchangers, into any building or onto any roof without any trouble.

The Easy Lifting System also greatly improves the hygiene of WOLF AHU appliances. The sophisticated connection and transportation technology virtually eliminates any leakage from heat exchangers or unit cubes.

  • The advantages of the Easy Lifting System

    • Easy transportation and simple installation
    • Saves a huge amount of time and reduces the potential for error
    • Lifting eyes for straightforward transportation by crane or helicopter
    • No balance problems: lifted from above instead of from below (using rods, rails etc.) 
    • Cube joiners for quick assembly and lowest air leakage class L1 in line with DIN EN 1886 
    • Significantly improves appliance hygiene
    • Optimises the construction of large components such as thermal wheel or plate heat exchangers


    Our tip: If you are rather dubious about splitting assemblies, we would be happy to deliver all our appliances fully fitted on a base frame — and even fully wired on request.

  • Easy Lifting System components


    Crossflow heat exchanger

    In only 2 sections


    Lifting eyes

    Suitable for lifting by crane or helicopter

    WOLF Easy-Lifting Rotation dissected

    Thermal wheel heat exchanger

    Detachable for easy transportation


    Housing connector

    Cube connectors for rapid installation and prefect air-tightness


Highest hygiene standards

Air is treated like food in our air handling units (AHUs). With well thought-out technical solutions and an optimal unit design, our claim goes beyond the fulfillment of hygienic standards.

Coupled with proper operation and regular maintenance according to VDI 6022, WOLF ensures hygienic air exchange in buildings.

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02. WOLF SuperSeal

Closer to the limit

The WOLF SuperSeal sealing system achieves unprecedented air-tightness in all critical areas of an air handling unit, starting with the labyrinth sealing system that can boast 98% air-tightness (in line with VDI 3803/5). It eliminates the need to allow for additional volumes of intake and extract air, as was necessary in earlier fan designs.


    Redefining standards

    Additional output and increased power consumption for intake and exhaust fans are also a thing of the past thanks to the WOLF SuperSeal. In combination with an F7 carbon filter in the intake and extract air, unpleasant odours can finally be banished to where they belong: the extract air.

    And it doesn’t stop there — the doors feature an extra wide, double-lip cascade seal. In combination with our distinctive red seal profiles, we achieve class L1 air-tightness (in line with DIN EN 1886) as standard. 

    The WOLF SuperSeal system guarantees the highest hygiene standards in AHU appliances. It prevents the ingress of dirt particles through joints in the appliance. It also minimises the volume of potentially contaminated recirculated air in the heat recovery system – a critical factor with regard to viruses.


    Overview of benefits

    • Minimises the volume of recirculated air in heat recovery systems
    • Fitted as standard on all WOLF air handling units 
    • Airtight housing for outstanding hygiene: no intake of contaminants from the surrounding air 
    • No air bypasses the filter or heat exchanger, no ingress of ambient air into the appliance

    03. Get the perfect look

    Custom RAL colours

    Whether an AHU appliance is installed inside or outside a building or even on a roof, it is vital that the appliance does not clash with the architecture. Ideally, the building and domestic technology should blend together seamlessly. This also looks good on satellite images. The modular and compact air handling units can be finished in any RAL colour you desire. Naturally, they are also available with durable C5 paintwork capable of withstanding extreme environmental influences.

    04. Complete wiring systems for all switch cabinets

    Directly from the WOLF factory

    We provide complete wiring services not only for compact appliances, but also for all other WOLF appliances, We strongly recommend these services to anybody involved in a construction project. The times of homespun wiring, often installed unprofessionally on site in difficult circumstances, are gone. Our industrial standards enable us to route all electrical wiring perfectly and flawlessly without damage the housing. We can also prevent the ingress of moisture using innovative solutions – particularly important for outdoor installations. A terminal strip is also applied to create a tidy interface between the various components – the best results can only be achieved by using WOLF control units.

    WOLF KLM-L wired

    Tidy and precise

    For example, we work with great dedication to find the perfect probe position. Only then can the high-quality components work with maximum efficiency.

    Probes and sensors installed on site are usually not positioned at the ideal location. This can impair their efficiency or even cause malfunctions. The air handling unit of the future is pre-wired, has an integrated control unit and is delivered to the construction site in one piece – and is preferably Made by WOLF, of course.

    05. Certified and safe

    We are committed to quality


    At WOLF we consistently and verifiably implement all structural, energetic and hygienic requirements, regulations and mandatory specifications. Strict adherence to standards regarding the wide variety of quality directives is the fundamental basis for proficient system planning and efficient operation. We are intensively involved in specialist committees, quality associations, organisations and institutions to help us fulfil new standards as early as possible. This is how we accommodate the growing hygiene and energy awareness of designers, developers and operators and respond proactively to topics such as energy-aware construction (green building), sick building syndrome (SBS) and the professionalisation of holistic building expense management (lifecycle costs).

    The most important certificates

    • Hygiene across the board

      TÜV certification according to VDI 6022, ÖNORM H 6022, SWKI 99-3. WOLF appliances meet all hygiene requirements pertaining to these standards and are approved for use in operating theatres.

    • Eurovent certified

      The following WOLF products are EUROVENT-certified: CRL, CKL, AHU-TE.

    • German AHU Manufacturers Association

      The German AHU Manufacturers Association specifies energy-efficiency classes and labels on the basis of EN 13053 A1 2010. WOLF meets all requirements stipulated by RLT-TÜV-01 and is authorised to use test marks with energy-efficiency class A+, A and B.

    • CE mark

      The CE mark confirms that WOLF appliances comply with EU regulation 765/2008 and permits WOLF to sell appliances within the European Union.

    • ATEX directives

      on explosion protection

      ATEX certification by TÜV confirms that WOLF complies with the directives for appliances and protection systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres 94/9/EC (also applies to the Russian Federation).

    • Directive 2004/108/EG

      Prevention of electromagnetic interference

      WOLF appliances comply with Directive 2004/108/EG for electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products (EMC).

    • Import certificate

      for the Russian Federation

      The EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certificate confirms that WOLF appliances comply with the requirements and standards of the Russian Federation and that they are approved for sale in Russian Federation markets.

    • VDE high-voltage tested

      in line with VDE 0700

    • ISO 9001 certified

      WOLF manufacturing is conducted in compliance with a stringent quality assurance system and meets the specifications of a comprehensive quality management system that go beyond standard product requirements. The goal is to align the whole organisation to the requirements of our customers. WOLF products and processes are subject to continuous improvement management.