WOLF Flip-and-Clean

The WOLF Flip-and-Clean system guarantees uncomplicated and quick maintenance of all wall-mounted gas and floor-mounted oil condensing boilers.

The combustion chamber of the WOLF Thermen does not have to be removed for cleaning or maintenance, but is simply swung out with a few simple steps. In the case of oil condensing boilers, the control box becomes an "integrated workbench" on which the burner is suspended for maintenance. All components relevant for service are easily accessible and quickly cleaned or replaced.

WOLF product section CGB2 torch - swivelled

at a glance

  • Simply swing-out combustion chamber for gas condensing boilers or "integrated workbench" for oil condensing boiler TOBOil heating systems
  • Fast and clean cleaning
  • Residues do not fall into the device
  • No emptying of the system necessary - maintenance can be carried out under pressure

Please note:
Only SHK specialists may carry out the maintenance and cleaning of heaters.

coffee machine

As easy
as making coffee

Cleaning WOLF condensing boilers is therefore almost as easy as cleaning a coffee machine. With Flip-and-Clean it is very quick and in "running" operation.

cleaning kit

cleaning kit
No dirt and dust

The WOLF cleaning set not only facilitates maintenance work, it will also delight your customers. Thanks to the dirt-trap container that can be hooked into the appliance, dust and dirt no longer land on the floor. A clean thing.

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