DHW cylinder

DHW cylinder for the WOLF heat pump range
Model / Performance
  • CEW-1-200
  • CEW-2-200
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  • Dimensions and design matched to the Wolf heat pump range
  • Can be installed in combination with BWS-1-06/08/10 or BWW-1-07/09, stacked or side by side, as a heating centre. Can be combined side by side with BWL-1-08/10
  • Can be installed as a Hydrotower in combination with the CPM-1-70/7 buffer module
  • Sacrificial anode accessible from the front; special enamel coating on the inside of the cylinder
  • Rigid PUR foam thermal insulation for lowest radiation losses
  • Highly efficient smooth tube indirect dual coil for convenient DHW heating
technical drawing
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DHW cylinder CEW-1
Type CEW-1-200 CEW-2-200

General data

Cylinder capacity l 180
Standby heat loss kWh/24h 1.5 1.21
Continuous cylinder output, tv 80/60 °C - tww 10/45 °C kW - l/h 20/490
Performance factor (heating) NL60 2.9 3
Performance factor (heating) NL50 1.4 1.6
Heat-up time 10 kW - 10-50 °C min 59 60
Draw-off rate, DHW at 40 °C (Tcyl = 55 °C, 15 l/min) l 191 191
Primary heating water bar/°C ´3/95
Secondary DHW bar/°C `10/95
Internal flange diameter mm DN 110
Cold water connection R1“
Return, heating G1½“ male thread R1“
DHW circulation G¾“ male thread R1“
Flow, heating G1½“ male thread R1“
DHW connection R1“
Sacrificial anode G1¼“ female thread
Electric booster heater G1½“ female thread -
Sensor well, cylinder sensor (mounted) G1½“ female thread
Internal indirect coil surface area, heating 2.2999999999999998 2.2999999999999998
Internal indirect coil capacity, heating l 17 17


Cold water connection A mm 90 -
Return, heating B mm 222 -
Cylinder sensor, heating C mm 590 472
DHW circulation D mm 697 -
Flow, heating E mm 797 -
DHW connection F mm 1194 -
Total height I mm 1290 1290
Diameter incl. insulation J mm 600 -
Casing width / depth mm 600 x 650 650 x 690
Service flange L mm 324 322
Height when tilted mm 1395 1410


Weight kg 147 145
DHW cylinder CEW-1
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