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CRK-12 High vacuum tube collectors
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  • The CRK collectors meet the requirements for the "Blue Angel" certificate of environmental excellence to RAL UZ 73
  • Powerful: high performance on the smallest of footprints; high yields particularly during spring and autumn; especially suitable for combined DHW heating and central heating backup
  • Certified by Solar Keymark
  • Long lasting: direct flow collector working on the principle of a Thermos flask; enables a life-long vacuum and therefore ensures high thermal insulation
  • Constant: absorber has a highly selective coating on the outside of the inner glass tube inside the high vacuum and is therefore protected against environmental influences; no degradation, therefore consistently high efficiency
  • Flexible: modular layouts for ideal matching to the space available on the roof
  • Statutory warranty: 5 years
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Vacuum Tube Collectors CRK
Type CRK-12

General data

Connections (MS locking ring fitting) mm 15
Installation angle 15° bis 75°
Heat transfer medium ANRO LS
Solar Keymark registration no. 011-7S321 R
Absorption (energy absorption) % > 93,5
Emissions % ≤ 6
Optical efficiency * % 64.2
Heat loss coefficient a1 * W/(m2 K) 0.88500000000000001
Heat loss coefficient a2 * W/(m2 K2) 1E-3
Max. stagnation temperature °C 272
Angle of incidence correction factor K * Iongitudinal / transversal % 89 / 99
Effective thermal capacity * Coeff in kJ/ (m2 K) 8.4160000000000004
Max. operating pressure bar 10
Pressure drop (at 15 l/h x m² and 40 °C) mbar 5
Number of vacuum tubes per collector Stück 12
Glass tube diameter mm 47 / 33 / 1,6
Gross surface area 2.29
Aperture area 2
Capacity l 1.74


Length mm 1640
Width mm 1390
Depth mm 100


Weight (empty) kg 32.700000000000003
Vacuum Tube Collectors CRK