CRL-iDH for indoor installation

Even greater efficiency with freely selectable supply air connections

When it comes to ventilation units, there is no such thing as too much flexibility. The CRL-iDH, therefore, features free selection of the supply air direction from the left or right. This opens up all the benefits of the compact CRL series of appliances, each integrated in an inherently stable, height-adjustable mounting frame. The highly efficient, high performance radial fans for supply and extract air feature a single-sided intake and variable speed control. The latest generation of EC motor technology boasts extremely low energy consumption.
In the CRL-iDH, fitting the aluminium high performance thermal wheel heat exchangers with the unique WOLF sealing system is obligatory for the purpose of heat recovery. With tightness of over 98 %, they are perfectly suited to ensuring optimum hygiene and eliminating odours. Condensation, enthalpy and sorption rotors are optionally available.

The temperature control is integrated into the programming unit, as is the supply air temperature control (supply air sensor pre-configured to factory setting) and the extract air temperature control (integral extract air temperature sensor). The programming unit can also be used to adjust the room temperature. Room temperature sensors are available as accessories. The control unit is designed for switching additional components such as electric preheater coils, PDHW reheater coils, PCW cooling coils and direct expansion coils.


Greater connection flexibility, greater efficiency.
  • Output sizes: CRL-iDH-1300, -2500, -3500, -4800, -6200, -9000 (m³/h, nominal air flow rate).
  • For indoor installation with horizontal duct connection – optionally with one connection routed upwards.
  • Combined supply and extract air unit with integral, high performance, thermal wheel heat exchanger for heat recovery, with the characteristic benefits (no condensate removal necessary, resistant to icing-up).
  • Highly efficient, variable speed EC fans ensure an optimum air change rate.
  • Depending on customer requirements, 3 different rotor types are available: Sorption rotor (recommended by WOLF – with the additional benefit of moisture recovery in winter and pre-cooling in summer), enthalpy rotor, condensation rotor
  • Compact 3-piece casing design with integral, fully wired control unit; can be optimally split for ease of handling and the programming unit can be used as a remote control.
  • Thermal wheel heat exchanger types featuring the new, all-round, WOLF labyrinth sealing system, i.e. a completely new sealing system with leakage rates below 2 %.
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • The units comply with all relevant standards and guidelines, such as VDI 6022, VDI 3803 and EN 13779

Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards goes without saying for WOLF. Furthermore, our CRL units are certified to EUROVENT. Thanks to our international experience, projects abroad can also be completed with the aid of our professional consultants.


Nominal flow ratem3/h1,3002,5003,5004,8006,2009,000
Unit layout1-part1-part3-part3-part3-part3-part
Depth (incl. locks)mm7509501,1551,3601,6652,070
Total heightmm1,3151,7221,7221,7221,7221,925
Height (appliance)mm1,0171,4241,4241,4241,4241,627
Foot heightmm170170170170170170
Control unit heightmm122122122122122122
Duct connection dimensions, horizontal air routingmmint. 612
x 409
int. 815
x 612
int. 1019 
x 612
int. 1222 x 612*int. 1,527 x 612*int. 1,934 x 714*
Duct connection dimensions,
vertical air routing
mmint. 596
x 307
int. 799
x 307
int. 1019
x 409
int. 1222 x 510*int. 1,527 x 612*int. 1,934 x 714*
* Incl. rapid heat-up damper