WOLF SuperSeal

Redefining standards

The WOLF SuperSeal system achieves an unprecedented level of tightness in all critical parts of an air handling unit. This starts with the labyrinth sealing system, which can reach up to 98 % tightness (to VDI 3803/5). While previously, additional air flow rates for supply and exhaust air had to be taken into account when sizing fans, this will no longer be necessary in future.

Output supplements and higher power consumption in operation for supply and extract air fans are also a thing of the past, thanks to WOLF SuperSeal. F7 carbon filters in the supply and extract air lines keep undesirable odours exactly where they belong – in the exhaust air. It does not stop there – the extra wide double-lip cascade seal on the doors is yet one more useful system feature. And together with our distinctive red sealing profiles, we achieve Class L1 (to EN 1886) as standard. Besides minimum losses and maximum efficiency, this also ensures that no dirt is drawn in, keeping hygiene levels high.

All of the benefits at a glance:

  • Standard for all WOLF air handling units
  • Excellent hygiene thanks to the sealed casing – no impurities are drawn in from the installation surroundings
  • No filter bypass, no heat exchanger bypass, no unwanted ambient air in the unit