Run-around coil system (high performance RCS)

Wherever complete separation of supply and extract air is required

HKVS are mainly used in air handling systems in which the supply and extract air systems are installed in separate places. This is typical of hospitals, pharmacies and clean rooms. Another special feature of high performance run-around coil systems is multifunctional use of the heat exchangers (DHW or cold water mixing). More than in any other heat recovery technology, the control logic and quality of the components used are crucial to system efficiency in an HKVS.

That is why WOLF applied stringent criteria when selecting the components for its high performance run-around coil system. For example, the integral heat exchangers are thoroughly checked in WOLF's in-house test laboratory before release. The WOLF HKVS with self-programmed control logic was tested over two complete heating seasons in households before market launch, with the test results being used to continuously optimise the system at WOLF until it was ready for market.


In the WOLF high performance run-around coil system, energy is recovered by being transferred to the heat exchanger in the extract air flow. The heated/cooled heat transfer medium then heats/cools the heat exchanger in the supply air, where it releases its energy.

  • Efficiency of up to approx. 70 %
  • Extract air and outdoor air completely separated from each other
  • No possible transfer of contaminated extract air to the supply air
  • Ideal heat recovery system for retrofitting in existing systems
  • Multifunctional use possible through auxiliary energy (heating/cooling)
  • Ice guard function
  • Completely silicone-free
  • Hygienically sound (DIN 1946 / Part 4 compliant)