Thinking ahead
Wolf control system

Accurate control is essential for optimum operation of air handling and ventilation systems. The WOLF WRS-K control system makes operation even more convenient, ensures maximum energy efficiency and enables individual system configuration.

Comprising a KLM air handling/ventilation module, BMK programming unit and BMK-F remote control, the system is deployed in CKL, CRL, CFL, AHU-TE, KG Top and KG Flex. KLM-E extension modules enable easy retrofitting or expansion of functionality (e.g. humidification, adiabatic cooling, etc.). In addition, various interface modules facilitate communication with a building management system (e.g. via BACnet or KNX).

For the purpose of user friendly commissioning, the control unit is pre-configured at the factory to match specific system and customer requirements, using the WOLF configuration assistant. Users need only select their required switching times and set values to be up and running

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Key features of the WRS-K:

  • Software configured individually for the specific system
  • Perfect interaction between air handling unit and control unit
  • Special programming possible on request
  • Factory preprogrammed control application, optimally calibrated for the specific unit configuration
  • Subsequent functional extensions can be configured retrospectively at any time using the programming unit
  • BMK programming unit with plain text display in 24 languages A Siemens climatix control unit can be used on request
  • Connecting to the internet couldn't be easier with WOLF Link pro

Fully wired
– taken care of by us

Not only for compact units but also for all other WOLF appliances, we can take care of all the wiring – a service we highly recommend to all those involved in project. The days of "botch jobs", when wiring often had to be carried out on the side, under difficult site conditions, can be consigned to the past. Our industrial standards allow immaculate and optimised routing of all cables and leads, with no damage to the casing. Even the risk of moisture getting in, especially to outdoor installations, is prevented through the use of innovative solutions. Furthermore, installation on a terminal strip ensures a clean interface between the components – the best results are only achieved in conjunction with the WOLF control unit.