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Floorstanding DHW cylinder

The conventional DHW cylinder solution, specially designed for DHW heating in your detached house or apartment block.

Do you want to provide the whole family with sufficient hot water in your detached house? Especially during times when hot water is required simultaneously in both bathroom and kitchen? Then the WOLF SE-2 floorstanding DHW cylinder is the right solution for your DHW heating.

Due to its very smooth and therefore exceptionally hygienic two-layer internal enamel coating, the appliance is very durable and low maintenance. Furthermore, the SE-2 features excellent thermal insulation, enabling energy savings. The floorstanding DHW cylinder is available in six sizes from 140 to 770 l and can easily be combined with any WOLF gas or oil boiler.

  • Specification

The conventional solution, specially designed for DHW heating in your detached house or apartment block.

The WOLF SE-2 floorstanding DHW cylinder is the classic DHW heating solution. It is available in six sizes from 140 to 770 l and can easily be combined with any WOLF gas or oil boiler.

  • WOLF supplies the SE-2 floorstanding DHW cylinder in six sizes, respectively with 140, 195, 285, 380, 485 and 770 l
  • The SE-2 fits into any basement; depending on size it is between one and two metres high
  • The highly effective PU rigid foam insulation under the cylinder casing reduces heat losses to a minimum and saves on heating costs
  • The interior cylinder wall is corrosion protected by a two-layer enamel coating, while a sacrificial magnesium anode provides additional corrosion protection, guaranteeing a long service life
  • A generously sized internal indirect coil, with short heat-up time and high volume continuous DHW output instantly delivers sufficient amounts of hot water at consistent temperatures over long periods of time, which is particularly important when showering
  • 5 year warranty on floorstanding DHW cylinders safeguards your investment 
Model / Performance
  • SE-2-150
  • SE-2-200
  • SE-2-300
  • SE-2-400
  • SE-2-500
  • SE-2-750
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Floorstanding DHW cylinder SE-2
Model type SE-2-150SE-2-200SE-2-300SE-2-400SE-2-500SE-2-750

Size / weight

Diameter incl. thermal insulation (mm) 600600600670750990
Height incl. thermal insulation (mm) 99612601755180018061982
Total weight - empty (kg) 5365115145160260

Cylinder systems

DHW cylinders xxxxxx
Dual mode DHW cylinders ------
Heating water buffer cylinders ------
Heating water buffer cylinders with integral DHW heating ------
Freshwater modules ------

Combination with

Heat pump ------
Solar ------

DHW heating

DHW output (l/Min)------
Cylinder size (equivalent)140195285380485750
DHW capacity (l)------
Standby heat loss (kWh/24h) 1,171,362,192,452,722,66


Suitable for DHW heating xxxxxx
Suitable for central heating ------
Suitable for solar thermal  ------
Suitable for heat pump ------
DHW heating with instantaneous water heating principle (integral hygiene function) ------


The SE-2 floorstanding DHW cylinder will reliably provide convenient DHW heating in your house while delivering high output volumes.

Whether washing, showering or relaxing in the bath – all occupants have their own individual morning ritual to get ready for the day ahead. But this requires a large amount of domestic hot water. Not a problem for the capable SE-2 floorstanding DHW cylinder. With plenty of hot water always available, you will never get a cold water shock again. Rapid heat-up times and consistent hot water temperatures make the SE-2 a highly convenient, low maintenance and capable DHW cylinder solution for your home.

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