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All advantages at a glance

WOLF AirPurifier - Schnitt

  • Air outlet at 2.30 m height protects students from uncomfortable draughts and ensures optimum distribution of the filtered air throughout the room.
  • Effective separation in line with DIN EN 1822. Removes over 99.995% of particles, such as bioaerosols (viruses, bacteria) and other harmful substances with HEPA H14 high-performance filters.
  • Filter change indicator on every filter and additional test function.
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Superbly quiet operation - sound pressure level* of 33-34 dB(A) (in normal operation).
  • High air filtration rate of 4-6 times the room volume per hour** thanks to the latest EC fan technology (up to 1200 m3/h or 1250 m3/h).
  • Brief boost function for increased air circulation. Boost mode increases the airflow in the room and improves the ventilation effect when windows are open.
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Activated carbon combination filter or particulate matter/pollen filter.
  • Motion detection with delay time to prevent unnecessary operation on nights or weekends.
  • Plug & play - 230-V socket connection fitted at the factory. No structural measures necessary. One-time, straightforward adjustment to the room size – done!
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Secured against tipping by preinstalled wall mounts.
  • User-friendly operation with just three modes (normal, automatic and boost mode).
  • Compliant with VDI 6022 with regard to hygiene standards for air handling systems and appliances.

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Funding for air cleaners & temporary financial assistance

  • Conditions, amounts and applications?

    We have the answers:

    In Germany, funding for school equipment is the responsibility of the federal states. This overview shows which states currently provide funding for air cleaners.

    Luftreiniger in der Schule
  • Temporary COVID-19 financial assistance

    for small and medium-sized enterprises

    The acquisition and operating costs for hygienic measures are eligible for funding. This includes the cost of investing in air filtration systems/air cleaners.
    We have answers to the most important questions concerning COVID-19 financial assistance: 

    • What are the conditions?
    • What amount of funding is available for air cleaners?
    • Where, how and when should you apply for funding?
    • 5-point checklist for funding applications.
    Antrag auf Überbrückungshilfe

Ideal where ventilation alone is not enough

Regular ventilation is vital in indoor areas occupied by large numbers of people, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. It ensures that stale, virus-laden air is constantly replaced with fresh, clean air. Air cleaners can be used wherever thorough ventilation is not possible. Good air purifiers must be capable of completely circulating and filtering all air in the room at least four times (ideally six times) per hour.

AirPurifier - Luftstrom

HEPA, activated carbon & more

The core of the AirPurifier is the filtration system. It cleans dust, particulate matter, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants from the air. The prefilter removes large particles, such as dust and hair, from the indoor air. A prefilter collects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air and the activated carbon in the filter even binds unpleasant odours. The HEPA filter (H14) cleans particulate matter from the indoor air and also removes pollen, mites, animal allergens, mould, viruses and bacteria from the air.

WOLF Airpurifier Filter

AirPurifier facts

  • AirPurifier reduces the concentration of aerosols in the air

    Scientifically verified
    Real measurements confirm the outstanding efficiency of the AirPurifier. Average readings show that this air cleaner reduces the concentration of a test aerosol by 80%, and locally by up to 90%, within 30 minutes. A recognised hygiene institute confirmed that airborne viruses were reduced by 99.995%.

    Luftreiniger Klassenraum Querschnitt
  • A good air cleaner must meet four main requirements.

    1. Good air purifiers must be capable of completely circulating and filtering all air in the room at least four times (ideally six times) per hour. With lower air exchange rates, only fine dust or pollen can be removed from the room air; the aerosol concentration cannot be sufficiently reduced at lower rates according to the current understanding.
    2. Genuine HEPA fine filters in line with the DIN EN 1822 filter standard: The term HEPA filter is not protected, meaning that many supposed HEPA filters do not deliver what they promise. A true HEPA H14 filter separates up to 99.995% of the aerosol particles and is certified according to DIN EN 1822.
    3. Noise levels: An appliance that does not create a disturbance won’t be switched off (e.g. in the classroom, where an atmosphere of concentration is required). According to VDI 6040 and DIN EN 15251, the maximum allowable A-weighted sound pressure level in classrooms is 35 dB(A), which corresponds roughly to the volume in a library or a quiet bedroom.
    4. Designed in compliance with VDI 6022: In order that air purifiers and air handling systems do not themselves become a source of air pollution over time, they must be designed and built appropriately. The use of suitable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean materials is especially important. It is therefore always important to look for an air purifier designed in conformity with VDI 6022.
  • Room size / required flow rate

    Room size*** m³4x/h air filtration rate (m³/h)5x/h air filtration rate (m³/h)6x/h air filtration rate (m³/h)


    Grafik Luftfiltrationsrate
  • Specifications AirPurifier
    Dimensions WxDxH
    mm712 x 508 x 2354
    Air flow ratem³/h400-1200
    Max. power consumptionkW0.28
    Max. current drawnA1.25
    Sound pressure level*dB(A)28-42
    Electrical connectionV~ / Hz230 / 50/60



Where can the AirPurifier be used?

Luftreiniger in der Schule

Schools, children’s daycare facilities & more.

High levels of potentially infectious aerosol particles can accumulate in a classroom over the course of a lesson, even with the windows open. The top priority is the health of students, children and staff, and not least their families. Air cleaners are very beneficial and effective.

Luftreiniger in der Gastronomieumgebung

Restaurants & hotels

The current COVID-19 pandemic calls for fast, uncomplicated and effective ventilation solutions for restaurants, hotels and event locations. The WOLF AirPurifier is the perfect solution as it is simple to install (plug & play) and can be set up almost anywhere.


AirPurifier im Fitness

Fitness studios & spas

A continuous change of air is especially important in fitness studios. Physical exertion leads to a higher breathing rate, which in turn increases the aerosol content in the room air. 

Especially in the current COVID-19 situation, powerful air purifiers can effectively improve the air quality and enable peak athletic performance under hygienic conditions. During winter in particular, unpleasant draughts can be prevented by running an air purifier in the studio.

AirPurifier im Einzelhandel

Retail & services

Healthy and hygienic room air has a positive impact on the well-being of customers in the store. A natural, free exchange of air is often restricted or even impossible in retail stores due to shop furnishings and shelving. Especially under the current conditions requiring elevated hygiene, bakeries, drug stores, specialised retailers, hairdressers and cosmetic studios can set up air purifiers to ensure that customers feel safe during their stay.

AirPurifier - Büroumgebung

Offices & conference rooms

Generally speaking, the air in offices, meeting rooms, break rooms and conference centres has a higher-than-average concentration of pollutants. The WOLF AirPurifier reliably filters contaminants, viruses and even odours from indoor air and verifiably reduces their concentration. Highly effective filters help to reduce the spread of pathogens and so protect you and your employees.

AirPurifier in der Physiotherapie

Medical practices & pharmacies

Areas where patients spend extended periods of time in waiting rooms and treatment rooms require specialised hygiene precautions. At medical clinics with increased risk of infection, it is necessary—in addition to disinfection of all surfaces and treatment rooms—to keep the room air as clean as possible and free of suspended particles/aerosols as well as pathogens. Air purifiers not only protect employees, they provide critical protection to elderly patients, who are the primary risk group.

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Further information on the AirPurifier and WOLF:

    • AirPurifier training service

      Prerequisite: Appliance has been installed, fitted and is operational 

      Services included: Installation inspection, introduction training, log

      Part no.: 99257

      Price: EUR 211.00 (plus statutory VAT)

      (If the service is required for multiple appliances at the same site, tiered pricing is available on request.)

      Order the service or ask a question


    • AirPurifier maintenance package 1

      Services included:

      Cleaning the appliance to maintain its function
      -Operational testing
      -Changing the prefilter

      Part no.: 99258

      Price for one AirPurifier (with activated carbon prefilter ePM1 65%):
      EUR 440.00 (plus statutory VAT)

      For every additional appliance at the same site:
      EUR 260.00 (plus statutory VAT)

      (If the number of appliances requiring maintenance at the site means that an additional visit is necessary, we would be happy to draw up a quote for the entire property.)

      Filter disposal (optional)
      EUR 5.00 per filter (plus statutory VAT)

      Order the service or ask a question


    • AirPurifier maintenance package 2

      Services included:

      Cleaning the appliance to maintain its function
      Operational testing
      Changing the prefilter and HEPA filter

      Part no.: 99442

      Price for one AirPurifier (with activated carbon prefilter ePM1 65% and HEPA filter H14):
      EUR 640.00 (plus statutory VAT)

      For every additional appliance at the same site:
      EUR 483.00 (plus statutory VAT)

      (If the number of appliances requiring maintenance at the site means that an additional visit is necessary, we would be happy to draw up a quote for the entire property.)

      Filter disposal (optional):
      EUR 5.00 per filter (plus statutory VAT)

      Order the service or ask a question



    • Customer Service

      Working for your customers 7 days a week: 
      An extensive network of highly trained service technicians and expert back office staff – seven days a week. Our Customer Service department provides fast and reliable support for your business and always makes a good impression on your customers. 

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* Sound pressure level at 1-m distance in line with DIN EN ISO 11203 at flow rates from 400 to 1200 m³/h, determined by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH
**Calculated room volume of 180 m³ (60 m² and 3 m ceiling height)
***With an assumed ceiling height of 2.5 m