What do you want to know?

Overview of benefits



Highest operational safety

  • Peak loads are reliably covered - For really frosty temperatures and high hot water demand, the most modern, high-performance condensing technology is used
  • Power and coverage shares are achieved in bivalent-parallel operation
  • Heat pump with low output meets the majority of the total coverage requirement.
  • Simple integration of the heat generators is often achieved by means of buffer storage solutions.



C02 emission safing

  • Legislation stipulates a regenerative share, which you fulfil 100% with Hybrid+ and can benefit from lucrative redemption subsidies
  • Significant reduction in primary energy demand creates real sustainability in energy use
  • Save up to 60% on energy costs for drying screeds



We do Hybrid+

  • Perfectly coordinated heating management
  • Everything from a single source - bundled WOLF know-how
  • Individual service and professional advice at every stage of the project
  • Quietest heat pump technology enables installation even in densely populated residential areas
  • 5-year genuine guarantee on material and labour costs

Why Hybrid in a multi-family house?

The builder should know this:

Fulfilment of the requirements of the Building Energy Act (GEG)

Absolute operational reliability due to redundancy of second heat generator

Low operating costs thanks to heat pump with low output but high year-round coverage percentages

Optimal use of home stations

Peak load, e.g. for hot water preparation or particularly cold winter nights

Save up to 60% on energy costs when drying floors

WOLF Hydraulics extensive database

  • Extensive database with numerous hydraulic diagrams
  • For hydraulic planning of the system, a detailed hydraulic diagram of the WOLF database can be called up
WOLF Hydraulics database

Systems and components

WOLF CHA heat pump

WOLF heat gernators

WOLF CAT home station

Home station cat

  • Easy consumption billing for landlords
  • Legal security in accordance with DVGW worksheet 551 and drinking water ordinance
  • Low installation effort and tidy appearance
  • Industrially prefabricated for optimised installation time
  • Carefree solution thanks to durable components
  • Also available as stainless steel version
  • Individual configuration thanks to comprehensive accessories
  • Lowest heat loss due to insulated housing 
WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-2

WOLF Ventilation systems

  • Energetically consistent overall concept
  • High-efficiency counterflow heat exchangers increase the system efficiency through the most efficient heat recovery
  • Simple fulfilment of required ventilation concepts
  • Centralised with the compact CWL-F flat unit series
  • Decentralised with the flexible CWL-D-70 units
  • Mould prevention and room comfort for high building standards
  • WOLF Ventilation systems