What do you want to know?

Overview of benefits



Single-Family house checklist

Dann lohnt sich die Modernisierung:

  • Heating system change planned (e.g. calorific value to condensing value)
  • emissions and heating cost savings desired
  • PV system on the roof planned or existing



WOLF Hybrid+ system



Plus for the specialist

  • Solution from a single source: condensing boiler and regenerative heat generator, storage solutions and accessories.
  • Flexible combination options for numerous heating output sizes with gas, oil and heat pump
  • Intelligent hybrid control with BM-2 operating module
  • Operational reliability thanks to two heat generators
  • Best customer service and support during planning

Why does hybrid heating make sense?

The private customer should know that:

The heat pump can cover the basic heating load all year round with the help of environmental heat

Savings of up to 30% Co2 emissions and 35% heating costs per year

Increase use of self-produced electricity from the PV system

The condensing heat generator absorbs the peak loads

Saves hard cash: Choice of economic or ecological operation by means of intelligent regulation

WOLF hydraulics database

  • Extensive database with numerous hydraulic diagrams
  • For hydraulic planning of the system, a detailed hydraulic diagram of the WOLF database can be called up
WOLF Hydraulics database

Systems and components

WOLF CHA heat pump

WOLF heat gernators

WOLF CAT home station

Home station cat

  • Easy consumption billing for landlords
  • Legal security in accordance with DVGW worksheet 551 and drinking water ordinance
  • Low installation effort and tidy appearance
  • Industrially prefabricated for optimised installation time
  • Carefree solution thanks to durable components
  • Also available as stainless steel version
  • Individual configuration thanks to comprehensive accessories
  • Lowest heat loss due to insulated housing 
WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-2

WOLF Ventilation systems

  • Energetically consistent overall concept
  • High-efficiency counterflow heat exchangers increase the system efficiency through the most efficient heat recovery
  • Simple fulfilment of required ventilation concepts
  • Centralised with the compact CWL-F flat unit series
  • Decentralised with the flexible CWL-D-70 units
  • Mould prevention and room comfort for high building standards
  • WOLF Ventilation systems