Generating heating and cooling energy in a compression process is all the rage. It is both practical and good sense from a primary energy point of view. Trouble-free operation requires a high level of expertise – after all, no-one should have to put up with rooms that are too hot or too cold.

In addition to many years of experience in the field of refrigeration technology, WOLF also makes use of the latest technologies in the refrigeration process, which are perfectly matched to the control systems in WOLF air handling units. For example, inverter-controlled scroll compressors which can be regulated across a wide output range – particularly important when using EC fans which are operated on the basis of CO2 levels. Both modular and fully customisable solutions are available and can be fine tuned to suit the relevant application. Plug & play solutions which simply need to be connected on site, or modular systems: When it comes to integrated compression technology, WOLF offers a complete range of solutions, from small to large scale.


  • Decentralised, integral supply of heating and cooling energy
  • Maximum efficiency through utilisation of the extract air
  • Plug & play solutions for particularly fast installation
  • Comprehensive expertise in consultation and design
  • Extensive WOLF Service
  • Selection of advanced components
  • Perfect interaction between compressor and control unit
  • No risk of pipework freezing up

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