Fresh air for every requirement – our solution where space is at a premium.

In offices and larger residential complexes, restaurants and canteens, schools and preschools, the WOLF compact series of ventilation units with heat recovery is always the perfect solution for convenient and energy efficient ventilation. The units provide rooms with filtered outdoor air in sufficient, variably adjustable amounts. At the same time, a corresponding volume of stale indoor air containing CO2 is removed and expelled as exhaust air.

The CKL-A is the ideal solution where space is at a premium. Sited outdoors, the ventilation unit conveniently replaces stale indoor air with fresh, filtered outdoor air. The highly efficient countercurrent plate heat exchanger transfers the valuable thermal energy from the extract air to the fresh, filtered outdoor air.


The perfect solution for outdoor installation
  • Output sizes: CKL-A – 1300, 2200, 3000, 4400, 5800 (m³/h max. air flow rate)
  • For outdoor installation with horizontal duct connection
  • Compact air handling unit up to 5800 m³/h (CKL) or 9000 m³/h (CRL)
  • Highly efficient (A+ rated as per Air Handling Directive 01)
  • Integral WRS-K control unit with many programmable inputs and outputs; can be extended to include auxiliary modules
  • Automatic frost protection control
  • Extensive range of accessories can be fitted (e.g. silencer, heating coil, cooling coil)
  • Highly efficient, variably adjustable EC fans
  • VDI 6022 as standard
  • LON, BACnet or Modbus interface module for connection to building management system
  • Straightforward LAN connection via Ethernet interface with integral web server


TYPE CKL-A-1300 CKL-A-2200 CKL-A-3000 CKL-A-4000 CKL-A-5800
Total length Amm21112780278027802780
Total width Bmm812812101514221725
Total height Cmm13501750175017501750
Length Dmm17292236223622362236
Width Emm71271291513221625
Height Fmm10501450145014501450
Base frame Gmm300300300300300
Extract air ETAmmint. 612x409*int. 612x612*int. 1815x612*int. 1222x612*int. 1525x612*
Supply air SUPmmint. 612x409*int. 612x612*int. 1815x612*int. 1222x612*int. 1525x612*
Condensate connectormm1½"1½"1½"1½"1½"
Max. flow ratem³/h13002200300044005800

* Duct connection dimensions