Highest levels of flexibility, straightforward handling and maximum viability

Highest levels of flexibility in configuration, fast and straightforward handling during transport and installation, and maximum efficiency for the operator – these are the benchmarks for an advanced, futureproof air handling unit with highly individual features. The WOLF KG Flex series offers tailor-made, efficient air handling technology to suit any building project with a high air flow rate. Its innovative design supports the perfect interplay between all of the new elements of this air handling unit. The sectional units and the plug-in frame structure simplify transport, handling, installation and maintenance. The advanced design also provides maximum energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. Unlimited sizes and the option to combine as many different ratings as you like, so offering plenty of scope for the optimum design and implementation of your project.

The flexible design means that all requirements for industrial applications can be met e.g. air flow rates above 100,000 m³/h at 1.5 m/s.

Your requirements – our solution (examples)

Cooling for a mainframe computing centre with awkwardly placed pillars, maximum hygiene for a complex operating theatre or dehumidification of the local indoor swimming pool in a plant room with a very low ceiling: The applications and possibilities with the KG Flex series are endless. Speak to your WOLF air handling advisor.

WOLF offers a tailor-made solution
for every application

Meeting places and retail premises: stadiums, exhibition halls, shopping centres, cinemas, hotels/restaurants, administration buildings

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, metalworking, installation, automotive industry, machine tools

Clean rooms: Hospitals, medical practices, laboratories

IT: Server rooms

Offshore coatings for extreme weather conditions: C5 paint finishes or stainless steel (inside and out). The additional KG Flex paint finishing option ensures a long service life under particularly tough conditions. The hard-wearing top coat and a special 2-layer, epoxy resin-based undercoat have been tested under the most extreme weather conditions and are particularly suitable for offshore applications.

If all of that is still not enough, a version in V4A stainless steel (inside and out) is a further option.