Buffer cylinder

Whether you heat with solar energy, gas or oil, with this efficient buffer cylinder you can store the thermal energy for your heating over longer periods of time.

While solar energy is very environmentally responsible, it isn't available around the clock. With the SPU-2-W buffer cylinder you can store free solar energy and use it for your heating later. Of course the SPU-2-W can also be combined with any other energy source, such as oil or gas. This cylinder gives you the advantage of being able to balance out time differentials between heat being generated and consumed. This extends the service life of system components and increases the efficiency of your central heating system, as it isn't continuously cycling on and off on demand (fewer burner starts). This means you always have enough heating water for your detached house or apartment block, while also taking care of the environment as well as your wallet.

  • Specification

The conventional heating water buffer cylinder for solar central heating backup.

Store energy for your heating in the SPU-2-W buffer cylinder. Perfect for owners of detached houses or apartment blocks who also want to integrate their solar thermal system. The SPU-2-W also features high grade thermal insulation and is available in different sizes.

  • The SPU-2-W buffer cylinder is equipped with a smooth tube indirect coil for integration of a solar thermal system
  • This buffer cylinder protects your heat generator by reducing the number of burner starts (i.e. your gas or oil boiler is not continuously cycling on and off on demand)
  • The right cylinder for every demand: Available in four sizes from 500 l to 1500 l
  • The high grade, removable thermal insulation saves energy and facilitates transportation into the boiler room on delivery
  • The numerous connections provide a wide variety of options: A freshwater module, different heat generators, as well as stoves with back boilers can all be connected to the SPU-2
  • 5 year warranty on floorstanding DHW cylinders safeguards your investment 
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Model / Performance
  • SPU-2-W-500
  • SPU-2-W-800
  • SPU-2-W-1000
  • SPU-2-W-1500
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Buffer cylinder SPU-2-W
Model type SPU-2-W-500SPU-2-W-800SPU-2-W-1000SPU-2-W-1500

General Info

Size / weight

Diameter incl. thermal insulation (mm) 8509909901200
Height incl. thermal insulation (mm) 1725178521352235
Total weight - empty (kg) 113113149256

Cylinder systems

DHW cylinders ----
Dual mode DHW cylinders ----
Heating water buffer cylinders xxxx
Heating water buffer cylinders with integral DHW heating ----
Freshwater modules ----

Combination with

Heat pump ----
Solar xxxx

DHW heating

DHW output (l/Min)----
Cylinder size (equivalent)4807809601500
DHW capacity (Ltr.)----
Standby heat loss (kWh/24h) 2,032,593,023,67


Suitable for DHW heating ----
Suitable for central heating xxxx
Suitable for solar thermal xxxx
Suitable for heat pump ----
DHW heating with instantaneous water heating principle (integral hygiene function) ----


With the WOLF SPU-2-W buffer cylinder your home is equipped to make the most of the sun.

You can now make use of free solar energy for even longer – with the SPU-2-W buffer cylinder. The SPU-2-W can store the heating water supplied by a heat generator, such as a gas or oil boiler, while also absorbing the heat generated by your solar thermal system. At a later point the cylinder releases this energy into the heating system. For you this means, above all, that you can always benefit from the cosy warmth you need for your home, while also knowing that you are doing something positive for the environment.

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