Solar cylinder

Powerful: with the SEM-1 solar cylinder, you can cover the DHW demand of an apartment block.

Do you want to make the most of the free energy from your solar thermal system and supply all occupants with sufficient hot water at any time?
Then the SEM-1 solar cylinder is the right choice, as it offers you a high level of DHW convenience. Particularly when, for example, in the mornings, large amounts of hot water are required at the same time. It is the ideal appliance for apartment blocks and is available in various cylinder sizes.

Its function in brief: water is heated inside the cylinder by means of two internal indirect coils, that is to say utilising either the heat from your solar thermal system or the energy from your boiler. The sun provides enough energy during the warmer months for your heat generator to remain off, so bringing down your heating bills. During the cold season, however, when the sky is overcast, a boost is needed.

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The proven cylinder solution for apartment blocks

The SEM-1 solar cylinder offers you a high level of DHW convenience. Particularly when large amounts of water are required all at the same time. It is suitable for apartment blocks, and is available with a capacity of 500, 750 or 1000 litres.

  • High quality thermal insulation – the cylinder is still warm even after several days without sun
  • Highly durable – the inner walls and the cylinder's two internal indirect coils are protected against corrosion with a two-layer enamel coating and a protective anode
  • Short heat-up times and a high DHW output thanks to the large heat transfer area
  • For any demand – the SEM-1 is available with a cylinder capacity of 500, 750 or 1000 litres 

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Model / Performance
  • SEM-1-500
  • SEM-1-750
  • SEM-1-1000
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Solar cylinder SEM-1
Model type SEM-1-500SEM-1-750SEM-1-1000

Size / weight

Diameter incl. thermal insulation (mm) 85010001000
Height incl. thermal insulation (mm) 178018502200
Total weight - empty (kg) 182290350

Cylinder systems

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Heating water buffer cylinders with integral DHW heating ---
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Combination with

Heat pump ---
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DHW heating

DHW output (l/Min)---
Cylinder size (äquivalent)500750935
DHW capacity (l)---
Standby heat loss (kWh/24h) 2,442,733,2


Suitable for DHW heating xxx
Suitable for central heating ---
Suitable for solar thermal  xxx
Suitable for heat pump ---
DHW heating with instantaneous water heating principle (integral hygiene function) ---


With the SEM-1 solar cylinder, you are opting for an efficient and durable product that utilises free solar energy.

Whether washing, showering or relaxing in the bath – all occupants have their own individual morning ritual to get ready for the day ahead. But this requires a large amount of domestic hot water. Not a problem for the powerful SEM-1 solar cylinder. You will never get a cold water shock, because there is always enough hot water. And the system has a positive impact on your fuel bills too, because the sun, as we know, won’t send a bill.

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